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How To Turn Ideas Into Income

By Andrew Pek   |   December 22, 2010

One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses these days is translating IDEAS into INCOME.  Most organizations are fully aware of the need to come up with big ideas and many have sophisticated systems, processes and techniques for doing just that.  Unfortunately, this is often where creativity and innovation meet a roadblock.

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How to Spark Creative Genius Within Your Small Business

By Andrew Pek   |   September 22, 2010

Imagine showing up to work each day truly happy that you are there…getting energy from your colleagues, having fun in meetings, feeling like what you do counts.  It’s possible.  You can be happy at work and it doesn’t take much money, effort, or time – you just have to spark your small business creativity!

The creative genius is that part of each and every one of us who is stimulated – full of excitement, energy and ideas…the part of each of us that has a possibilities-oriented, “can-do” attitude and way of being that communicates to the world around us that anything is possible.  Follow these simple steps and you will find more happiness in your work: Read More »

Harvesting Innovation – Making It Real

By Andrew Pek   |   July 8, 2010

According to German writer and Theologian,  Meister Eckhart, “what we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.”  It  is through action that we find our small business  innovation solutions – committing to action so that our ideas can take root.

We must harvest all of our creative activities to advance what we call “spark moments” (those moments when we know we’re on to something big – the next, new big idea) in order to make those moments real – into tangible results that you can touch, see, or feel. Read More »

How to Get Your Team to Be Innovative

By Andrew Pek   |   April 22, 2010

This was a question posed by a small business leader recently.  Are you wondering the same thing?  Everyday all around us there are stimulating spaces and places that we can use to get people out of their rut and come up with creative new ideas.

On an average day, we have about 60,000 thoughts.  If these are the same 60,000 thoughts each day, we may need to look to our surroundings for inspiration.  For example, while driving over the same bridge I cross daily, I decided to look and think differently about the structure, shape and vibe of the bridge.   Read More »

Stuck In a Rut?

By Andrew Pek   |   March 22, 2010

Over a cup of tea in Dublin, our client, David confessed to us that he had run out of creative juice, was unable to come up with fresh, new ideas, and was feeling stuck in a rut.

Lacking the passion, energy and zest necessary to help him lead his team toward success, he was feeling zombie-like…going through the motions day-to-day, showing up but not really being there, doing what he had to do but not doing it with joy and passion and getting by but not getting inspired. Read More »