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How To Deal With PR Rejection and Come Out Alive

By Rick Frishman   |   June 7, 2011

A few years ago, coauthor, Jill Lublin pitched an idea to a producer for a nationally syndicated cooking show, but the producer didn’t buy Jill’s idea.

After the rejection, Jill continued to call the producer every month, even though she didn’t have anything to pitch…

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The Secret To Referral Marketing Made Easy

By Rick Frishman   |   April 6, 2011

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have some sort of network in place. It’s your friends, family, doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, personal trainer,  and coworkers.

You’ve recommended them to members of your circle. But, how do you leverage your connections for a profit? Read More »

10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

By Rick Frishman   |   March 16, 2011

Sure… creating a website might seem like a piece of cake, right? After all, everyone has one.

But before you jump to throw up a shoddy website remember that there are tons of details to keep in mind, like choosing a user-friendly layout and creating compelling, quality content.

Before you get started there’s some key things you need to do to make sure you get traffic and more importantly, return traffic. But the most crucial thing you should do is… Read More »

How To Write Killer Headlines

By Rick Frishman   |   February 21, 2011

Learning to write great headlines means more views, more hits, and better search engine results.

If you practice this key copywriting skill you’ll soon be producing top-notch, attention-grabbing headlines.

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Foolproof Follow-Up Tips To Boost Your Business

By Rick Frishman   |   February 9, 2011

Initially, many people find it hard to follow up. Some are shy, or feel like they’re being a nuisance or groveling. Others simply don’t know how to go about it. In the beginning following up may feel awkward, uncomfortable or unpleasant, but you’ll adjust to it. It won’t take long, but it will take some planning. Read More »

The One PR Mistake You Should Avoid

By Rick Frishman   |   November 24, 2010

Writers, editors, and producers seldom have time to talk with you on the phone. Usually, they’re so busy that even the briefest conversation takes them away from pressing projects. So every second counts!

In the first ten seconds, seasoned news people know… Read More »

15 Things the Media Hates

By Rick Frishman   |   October 8, 2010

Now that you know what to do in order to solicit a positive response—here’s what to avoid:

1. Not Taking “No” for an Answer
Persistence is an admirable trait, but there comes a point when you must accept defeat. Most people won’t build relationships with insistent callers who phone 500 times after they’re told “No.” When someone says “No,” accept it. Walk away before you destroy a potentially valuable connection.
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15 Things the Media Loves

By Rick Frishman   |   September 22, 2010

This post sets the record straight on what you can do to become friends with the media—and what will make you its enemy. Use this set of 15 points wisely. Do what they like, it is that simple.

What The Media Loves
Here are fifteen of its favorite things: Read More »

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

By Rick Frishman   |   September 8, 2010

“What is promotion without the pro? Just motion. The pros follow up, follow up, follow up.”
—Rick Frishman

Guerrillas take the initiative! After they get things rolling, guerrillas strike quickly and often. They don’t take the attitude of “My work’s done” because they know it isn’t. They know much of their work has just begun. Guerrillas don’t sit around and wait for things to happen, they make things happen. Read More »

Media Kits – Guerrilla Style

By Rick Frishman   |   August 22, 2010

Less is often more and that’s especially true with media kits. Traditionally, publicists would blanket the media with bulging, elaborate media kits (also called press kits) in the hope that a few members of the press might bite. The costs were great and the responses were slim, which helps explain why PR was used primarily by large corporations and the exceptionally rich.

Well, things have changed—drastically. Even if guerrillas could afford to send lavish pr media packages, we question whether they’re worth the cost and whether they still work.

Today’s media no longer wants to be showered with reams of promotional materials, no matter how beautifully they’re written, designed, or packaged. Read More »