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How to Differentiate Ourselves from Our Small Business Competitors?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 24th, 2005

“We are one of 15 competitors in the NY area all selling the same product. There are no real differentiators outside of price. Working for a corporate entity — I cannot change pricing.” – B.K.

How you talk about your services, the marketing copy you use can help to differentiate your business from others.

1. Identify your prospects’ concerns.

2. Appeal to your prospects’ emotional needs relative to your product or services.

3. Use your business marketing messages to focus on how you help your prospects instead of some meaningless mumbo jumbo.

Your small business marketing can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Many decades ago Miller beer sales were in the doldrums, hitting new lows. The came up with a new advertising campaign that step by step explained how they brewed their beer. Never mind that other manufacturers did the same thing. In creating an awareness of the what was involved in making their beer Miller was able to become the top selling beer within a year or two.

Marketing, how you talk about what you do makes a difference to your small business results.
– Charlie Cook

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