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The #1 Rule of Business Networking

By Rick Frishman   |   April 8, 2010

In life, we all try to get things from each other; that’s how the world works and has always worked. From ancient times, we have been a people who belonged to tribes and clannish groups. We built societies in which we lived, worked and raised families together.

In these societies, each member had specific roles that he/she performed and contributed for the benefit of the group. As a part of life, we gave to and helped each other. And, we also received. Read More »

7 Mistakes To Avoid Using LinkedIn

By Jan Vermeiren   |   March 22, 2010

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool which allows account managers, business owners and sales reps to get results fast. However there are some characteristics which could possibly negatively impact your results if you don’t know them or don’t take them into account.

This is the top 7:

1.Send invitations to strangers. If you send an invitation to potential customers (or other people) you have never met and 5 of them click on “I Don’t Know this Read More »

Old Guy Marketing

By Michael Katz   |   March 16, 2010

“Who was that?,” my son Evan asked. We were standing out on our front lawn, throwing a football, and Evan had just seen me smile and wave to a passing minivan.

“I have no idea,” I said. “I don’t have my glasses on, and I can’t see through the tinted windshield anyway. I wave at everyone who drives by.”

Evan gave this some thought, and then, with the precise blending of disdain and amusement that teenagers reserve exclusively for their parents, said, “So, are you getting to be an old guy now?” Read More »

Building Your Network – And Keeping People Interested

By Kim Sheehan   |   February 21, 2010

Word of mouth marketing only works if you have people to talk to. This simple fact is someone given short shrift in word of mouth marketing advice today. How do you build your own network and keep people interested and involved? I have three recommendations: make it easy to join, make it worth their while, and once they get there, give people a reason to be in the network. Read More »

5 Tips to Raise Your Target Group Visibility With LinkedIn

By Jan Vermeiren   |   January 22, 2010

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to be successful in sales. In this article we focus on how to raise the visibility, reputation and online branding of yourself and the organization you work for using LinkedIn.

To get the best results from the following 5 tips it is necessary to have a good target group definition, but that should be the case anyway if you want to be successful in sales. Read More »

Networking: How To Turn 250 Contacts Into 31,250

By Jan Vermeiren   |   December 22, 2009

Do you remember the last time you were on a holiday and met another someone you knew? Ten to one you discovered you had a mutual contact and that one of you made the remark: “It is a small world, isn’t it?” This happens a lot on holidays. It even seems that this happens more abroad than in our daily lives. Is this a coincidence? Or is there more?

It is not that odd. We indeed live in a small world. Read More »

10 Ways Networking Beats The Pants Off Hard Selling

By Jan Vermeiren   |   November 22, 2009

For many people the word “networking” has a negative connotation. This is in part due to the fact that many salesmen abuse networking to push their products or services. So let’s take a deeper look into the difference between (hard) selling and networking to solve some of the misunderstandings about networking.

The main difference between selling and networking is that in a sales process the goal of the interaction between two people is the sale of a product or service. Read More »

LinkedIn: How Any Salespeson Can Make It Work

By Jan Vermeiren   |   November 8, 2009

How can you get LinkedIn to help you generate more leads, and grow your business?

Many sales people tell me LinkedIn doesn’t work for them. Find out the simple way to use it and prosper. Read More »

You’re On Linked In – How can you use it to sell more.

By Jan Vermeiren   |   October 22, 2009

Many sales people have a Profile on LinkedIn and some connections. However, most of them ask themselves: what can I actually do with it? How can I use it to increase sales?

Here’s why it’s important for sales: Read More »

Wake Up: Is Your Business Dying On The Vine?

By Charlie Cook   |   October 20, 2009

Is business slow? Are you frustrated and wondering what to do to make ends meet, much less become really profitable again?

I spent the first ten days of October on vacation with my wife in a small town in northern Vermont, where I followed two very different business stories in the weekly paper.

Picking up the paper on our arrival, I read an irrate letter to the editor from Larry, Read More »