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How To Kick Writer’s Block

Author: Charlie Cook   |   February 28th, 2011

You’re sitting in front of your computer with a blank screen.

The cursor is blinking on an empty document, the clock ticking and nothing’s happening.

Your mind is blank and you’re in a time crunch – you’ve only got 45 minutes before…your scheduled client calls and you’re stuck.

The harder you think, the more frustrated you get and eventually, you just give up, with nothing written down and no new ideas.

But there is a way to keep a fresh stock of ideas at hand so that when you’re ready to sit down and write, you can.

Try this: Start a word document and put it somewhere you can easily access.

Every time you read an article, talk with a friend or have a question, pull that doc up and just jot down your ideas – whether they’re complete thoughts, ideas, or questions you want answered.

Pretty soon you’ll see your list grow and you’ll notice that writing your ideas down comes naturally.

Writers block is unavoidable but by keeping your document handy you’ll always have a way around it.

I’ve used this method for years and not only has it helped my blog posts, it’s inspired spin-off projects and helped to improve current material.

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