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How to Overcome Your Prospects’ Objections in Your Sales Copy

Author: Ryan Healy   |   March 25th, 2010

For any piece of sales copy to be successful, it must do a few critical things. One of these things is overcoming objections.

Many times your prospect will actually want what you have, but he will not buy it. Why? Usually it’s because of an objection he has that has not been sufficiently addressed in your copy.

So as you write, think about the objections your prospect has. Then try to seamlessly overcome those objections in the copy.

Common Objections to Buying

The most common objection to buying a product is the price. Your prospect can be all hot and bothered and ready to buy, and instantly change his mind when he sees the price.

So you will always want to make the price seem minuscule compared to the value you deliver.copywriting tips

Another common objection is, “What if the product doesn’t work as advertised?”

Any doubts about the performance of your product can be overcome with proof and risk reversal. These two things combined are a one-two punch that can knock your prospect’s objections flat.

A Simple Way to Overcome Objections

Before you start writing your sales letter, it may be helpful to brainstorm and write down every possible objection to buying your prospects will have.

Once you write them all down, you will be thinking about how to overcome these objections in your copy. You will naturally address the objections as you write.

After you’re done with your first draft, you can review all the objections you wrote down at the start to make sure they’ve all been addressed in the copy.

No matter what approach you choose, here’s the principle to remember: The more objections you overcome in your copy, the more sales you’ll make.


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