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David Sonkin

Following two years of exhaustive coast-to-coast research on mobile content technologies, David dove head first into his first formal mobile venture – a cell phone based theatre guide, BroadwayPhone (featured in The New York Times, June 18, 2007). On the heels of the successful launch of BroadwayPhone, he turned his attention towards the fertile real estate market, developing Open House On The Go, a user-friendly mobile tool to access a vast database (over 35,000 listings) of real estate information.  Continuing to follow his passion for marketing, he founded and is currently President of Scottsdale, AZ based Mobile Caviar, a digital agency “laser-focused” on engaging the mobile masses. To see the Mobile Caviar mobile site, text MOBILE to 99222.

David’s clients span a wide variety of industries including professional services, publications, hotels and golf courses.

“Our sweet spot to date has been performing arts centers and live performances.  But recently we’ve really been making our mark in providing mobile for chambers of commerce and the many small businesses associated with them.  What’s so fantastic about working in multiple areas is that we constantly learn and apply information across industries.  Mobile has shown us that it’s less about how to market that particular business or industry, rather how to market to the mobile masses.  A lesson from a Broadway show can help us better market a restaurant client.  The whole thing is pretty cool.”