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Do You Have Strategies for Direct Mail?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   January 18th, 2005

“Do you have strategies for direct mail for the mortgage industry?” – Jamie Gould

Direct mail isn’t a marketing strategy but rather one marketing tactic that can help you implement your marketing strategy. Do you have a written marketing plan that details your marketing strategy?

When you send out your mailing you want people to open it and read it. You want people to quickly decide they’re interested and you want them to contact you, by the hundreds. Does this happen when you send out mailings? Do you want to improve your response to your mailings?

The first step is to make sure you have a brilliant marketing message, one that gets your prospects’ attention. I’ve detailed how to write your maketing messages in 15 Second Marketing

and in Creating Opportunity with Next Step Networking.

Getting attention is the first step. The next is prompting your prospects to contact you. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a free guide relevant to your products and services that they can’t live without. It might be “10 Secrets of Saving Money on Mortgages.” I’ve detailed this strategy in The 5 Principles of Highly Effective Marketing.

Direct mail can be a great marketing tool and can help you attract many more qualified prospects, if you know how to use it to get attention, position your firm and sell your services.

– Charlie Cook

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