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The Easiest Way to Higher Profits In This Economy

Author: Brian Tracy   |   March 30th, 2010

Recently, a friend who manages a business down south, shared a frightening experience with me…

He said his boss came into his office … closed the door (never a good sign) and told him rather matter-of-factly, that his sales numbers were “alarmingly” down and that if he wanted to remain in his position he’d better find some way to recover the loss and turn things around to become a success.

My friend was left sitting in stunned silence at his desk trying come to grips with the true meaning of what had just transpired.  He knew he had some hard decisions to make as well as big lead generation tipschallenges to overcome – and he’d better do it FAST.  And he wanted to know…

How am I going to make the phone ring?  Where are my new customers and sales coming from?  How can I save my staff from certain lay-offs?  And, how can I drum up sustainable and predictable “repeat” business?

Want to know the answer – how to transform your business and increase your profits this year?

The Simple Solution

My friend knew that if he could somehow show dramatic improvement in his numbers, his job would be safe … his employees would be spared and he could turn his department from a loser into a winner.  But, how was he going to make it happen?

That’s when it hit him.  Like a bucket of cold water in the face…

My friend, like so many other managers, VPs and CEOs, didn’t have a marketing plan or if he did his wasn’t one that was working in this economy.  I’m not saying he was winging it.  But, the truth is, he didn’t have a system he relied on to help him attract new leads and customers… and generate repeat sales, revenues and profits.

What’s The Biggest Barrier To Increased Profits?
I’m sure you can guess the answer. You need a marketing plan, one that works like a road map to help you reach your goals. Without one you’ll always be struggling and wasting money on no-lead or low-lead generation strategies when you could be generating many more sales instead.

My friend didn’t have a marketing plan or proven marketing system to take him to the next level – so he wasn’t achieving it.  In fact, he was in serious trouble.  And my guess is, if you’re running without a marketing blueprint for success, then you’re in the same boat and it’s only a matter of time before you have the same conversation with your boss or with yourself.

Now I don’t know about you but I consider the whole world of business, especially in this economy to be like venturing into an untamed wilderness. It’s easy to follow someone else down the wrong path or to end up going down a dead end by mistake.

And wouldn’t you agree that heading out into the back country for a hike without a plan or a map is just plain and simple a bad idea if not a recipe for disaster?

The same is true in business. If you want to get to your destination, to reach your goals, you’re going to need a proven strategy and a plan for getting there.

A Little Secret You Need To Know

Want to know the best part of having a proven marketing plan, other than you’ll be making a lot more money?  The easiest and most effective marketing strategies can literally transform your business in no time, and cost almost NOTHING to implement!

Where To Start

Now imagine you had a proven marketing plan, one that you could put on autopilot to generate a steady stream of leads, sales and profits. You could actually make at least double what you are now if not ten times as much.

But how do you do it… and what should you do first?  Fortunately, the entire marketing and profit building process, from start-to-finish, has been spelled out for you in an incredibly easy to use marketing system.

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