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How I built a 6 figure business in 4 days with less than $2k investment

Author: Iman Aghay   |   May 17th, 2014

Imagine a person who has a mailing list of 200,000 people in your niche market, promote your business tomorrow. What can that do for your business?

In February 2014, I did a case study where I walked into several cities that I had never been to before and within 4 days I built a 6 figure business with less than $2000 investment. This is not a MLM or get rich quick business, technically the technique that I used can be used for any business.

Here is the technique: I got the most influential people in my target market (entrepreneurs) to promote my business. I documented everything that I did to share exclusively with my coaching clients who pay $6000+ to be on my programs. However Charlie asked me to share my secrets with the readers of Marketing For Success blog (you) on a free webinar. So there you have it. You can register for this FREE webinar at

On May 20th at 6pm (EST) I’ll reveal my secrets on how you can get almost any influential person in your field to refer actual paying clients to you in a very short time even when they don’t know you. And No, you even don’t need to pay them.

My students who have been using these techniques have double or tripled their sales in the last few months. So don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity and sign up today at

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