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How To Find Hidden Profits In Your Small Business

Author: Charlie Cook   |   September 8th, 2009

Want more clients and bigger profits?

Did you know that most smart business owners, despite working dawn to dusk could be making 2-4 times as much just by making a few simple changes to either their business model, their pricing strategies or their marketing?

93% of all small business owners are sitting on hidden profits and in an effort to stay afloat or make more, they inadvertently do the wrong thing.

The mistake that almost every entrepreneur and small business owner makes is they copy what they see others doing and then they get the same results instead of standing out and making it to the top.

Don’t believe me?

Kris came to me at the beginning of 2008. After having a successful business, in 2007 he’d seen his sales dry up and he’d had to lay off his employees. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve worked with but he was struggling.

And like most small business owners he was sitting on a huge source of profits that he’d missed.

While he’d always appreciated the occasional referral, he’d never directly asked for them from his best clients. It’s just not something he’d seen others doing or been taught how to do.

When I showed him my simple referral formula, he immediately took action and put it to use and landed 30 new clients in a 6-week period.

That’s right, he turned his business around making 2008 his best year ever just by using one simple strategy I gave him that cost him absolutely nothing to implement.

Watch Kris tell you his story in his own words >>

You can do the same or even better with your business. When you make room in your schedule to find out what works and apply it, there is no saying how many more clients and profits you can bring in.

And to make it easy for you, I’ve opened my MasterMind Group to 20 new members.

Here’s how it works. We meet twice a month on the phone using GoToMeeting so we can share documents and I give you one key tactic and strategy anyone can use to attract more clients, close more sales or maximize their profits. Then we work together to help you implement the profit generating strategy and answer your most pressing questions.

You get direct access to me and you get the support and advice from others like you. It’s like having me, Charlie Cook, working with you as a virtual VP of Marketing, a focus group, support group and handful of expert advisors all rolled up in one.

And if you miss a meeting once in awhile, no worries. The notes and podcast from the calls are up on the MasterMind site within 24 hours so you can listen to them anytime and contact other members of the group.

But right now I’d like to give you a valuable gift for reading this far. It’s a link to a very informative podcast I did a while back.
Listen to it now >>

Want to sign up for VIP access to the Mastermind Group?

Fill in the application form at the bottom of the page >>


P.S. The last time I opened up a MasterMind Group program was nine months ago.

And it SOLD OUT in 72 hours.

If you’re at all interested take action to apply. There is no cost involved in filling out the application form. Once you do, we’ll schedule an interview with you to see if there is a match.

That way we can get a better understanding of your business and your goals and YOU CAN make an informed decision as to whether the MasterMind Group is right for you.

Fair enough?

Discover the fastest way to reach your business potential.

Take action >>

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