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5 Most Common Mistakes Made By B2B Marketing Companies

Author: Luke Peters   |   July 30th, 2014

While mistakes can be made by any one and are considered as a basic aspect of human nature, when it comes to business, there is hardly any room for any sort of mistake or error. We all remember how the campaigning sign installed by Turner broadcasting resulted in a terrorism scare in Boston as it was mistaken as being a bomb.

Business and finance are volatile in nature and the smallest of errors can lead to big financial losses. The B2B marketing while providing the new business owners with an easy way to attract more customers, can lead to severe loss of time and money if not planned properly.

Most people associated with marketing and business must be aware of the several B2B marketing errors that have brought down several reputed companies in an instant. While some mistakes cause no harm, some marketing mistakes can really cost a majority of a business’ goodwill.

1. Talking Too Much About Your Products Or Services

The most common mistake done by the B2B marketing companies is by promoting the product or service through the content. Creating content about your product will not just result in a sheer waste of time but will vastly limit the reach of your product to several people. Believe it or not, not many people on the internet would be interested in reading about the benefits of your new product they haven’t really heard about.

2. Too Much Social Media

This might be an eye opener to several new business owners out there, but being on social media is not very helpful in several industries. It is often a misnomer that facebook is the first social media channel a new business should be. Unless it is the channel where the business owners discuss their industry, social media is an utter waste of time for the B2B companies.

3 . No Proper Marketing Plan

Several B2B companies are more focused on getting the job done without developing a proper marketing strategy for the best interests of their clients. The marketing tactics like email, social media, blogs, websites, newsletters etc. can vastly improve lead generation on an initial level but won’t be able to maintain it. A proper marketing plan must always be focused on the best interest of the clients rather than loose marketing.

4. Addressing The Buyer’s Problems And Presenting Solution

It is common for B2Bs to totally miss out on acknowledging the buyers problems or presenting a solution to their problems. Most buys make purchases out of pure emotion and it is important for marketing companies to address their problem to gain their trust and faith in the business. Personalizing the marketing strategy is important for B2Bs to follow for a stable lead generation.

5. Not Differentiating Your Business From Your Competitors

Branding and brand identification is an important aspect of a business. But simply having a unique logo for your business is not enough. B2B companies often miss out on presenting a business as a unique entity that sets you apart from your competitors. All the time and money spent in branding and brand building can be instantaneously laid to waste by the B2B companies who aren’t focused on the best interest of your company.

There are a plethora of mistakes and judgmental errors which have been done by the B2B companies. While some mistakes cause no or little harm, the others can lead to wasted money and time, with little or no lead generation. Several marketing companies like etc. can be found by looking up on the internet for efficient marketing of your business. However, one must be really careful while choosing the marketing company for their business and discuss their marketing plan for the best results.



Author Bio:

Luke Peters is an avid reader of books, novels and other literature related to a varied list of topics like finance, law, management, history, architecture, home improvement etc. He also has written several articles and blogs across the internet related to the mentioned niches.

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