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7 Steps To Close More Sales

Author: Charlie Cook   |   April 22nd, 2012

Most small business owners kill over 50% of sales because they don’t understand the simple steps to walking prospects through the sales process. Hint: it’s a lot easier when you have a structured set of steps to guide prospects than when you’re blundering in the dark.

Start with these 7 steps to close more sales…

Have The Answers To These Questions Ready
You know that hundreds, if not thousands, of people want and need your products and services. You’re spending good money on advertising and mailings and you have a great looking website up, but you’re still not getting all the clients you want or could handle. […]

Eliminate The Biggest Obstacle To Sales
“How can we get more people to call us back so we can get more clients? Last year our real estate business netted over a million and half dollars. This year we’d like to grow it to over two and a half million but we’re having trouble generating enough leads. […]

Overcome Price Objections
How much more could you earn if your prospects didn’t object to your prices? You’d close more sales and be more successful. […]

Accelerate the Sales Process
If you’ve ever been kept waiting on a response from a potential client, you know that you have two decisions to make. Your first choice is to let them sit on it and take time to contemplate what they really want to do. […]

Why A Focus On Closing Kills Sales
Dear Jeff, I’ve got this problem. I’ve been calling customers to follow up on quotes that I’ve given them and on prospects who have expressed an interest. […]

Use This Proven Selling Formula

Don’t Forget This Final Step
Tom, one of my consulting clients, is in financial services. One afternoon he was telling me about the wonderful appointment he had just had with John – who is an elephant – a H-U-G-E prospect. […]

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