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4 Keys to Launching A Mobile App

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 4th, 2012

Want more clients for your business?

Most people know they need to market using emails and social media but the one thing that is missing from their marketing is… a one-touch solution for their current customers to find them and soon-to-be customers to learn more about them. It’s called a mobile app.

Why should you care? Because mobile apps are one of the newest and fastest growing web sensations. You can find an app for anything…and any business. The question is, is there one for your business making it easy for your customers to find you?

When I recently traveled out of town, I felt like I might as well have been on a different planet. I didn’t know where anything was. I hardly knew where I was.

All I wanted was a coffee. Me without coffee is like Starsky without Hutch, Tonto without the Lone Ranger, Tom without Jerry. Part of me was missing.

It would have been a fairly simple task to find the nearest coffee house, but I am particular to one brand. So, I did what everyone today is doing. I pulled out my cell, pushed the app for that business and was happily driving to my destination. Caffeine was in my near future.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers could find you that easily?

If you don’t have a mobile app strategy, you could be missing out on the millions of people using mobile apps on a daily basis. Before you launch one though, you need to consider these four things:

1. Pick the appropriate keyword(s).
What word or words would your consumer use when trying to search for your business? If you don’t know, ask your current clients which ones they would use. Your app will do no good if no one can find it.

2. Choose a memorable name for your app.
Like selecting your business name, brand and website address, the name matters. Be sure to check that the name you want isn’t already trademarked by someone else.

3. Select the appropriate category.
Your goal is to rank as high as possible in the Top Charts for whichever category your business falls into. If your business could easily be placed in two different categories, it might benefit you to choose the one that would be easier to beat the competition.

4. A well designed icon is important.
It should reflect your businesses’ personality and purpose and stand out against the other icons. Your icon is often where people derive their first impression of your business.

Having an app for your business is a great way to get found and get more customers. Want help getting found, getting attention for your business?

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