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Want More Referrals?

Author: Colleen Kilpatrick   |   August 4th, 2010

No doubt you’ve gathered all kinds of tips and strategies to help you “close the sale”. The problem is, sometimes we get so focused on closing the sale we forget the sale is really just the beginning. Yes, the beginning. The beginning of a long, rewarding relationship with our customer that leads to repeat business and lots of referrals.

Want to know how to create that kind of relationship with your clients? It’s called Appreciation.

A couple years back, a situation happened that made me realize just how critical appreciation, or a lack thereof, is to the success of any business.referral strategy

My neighbor asked if I knew of a good insurance agent. So, I referred him to my agent. I went one step further and sent both parties a joint email introducing them. My neighbor ended up insuring his home and two autos with this agent.

And me? I never received a hint of thanks from the agent – no phone call, no email, no written note, no mention of it the next time I saw him. Big mistake!

Guess what? I never referred him again. Soon afterward, I found a new agent. Because of his gaffe? Not entirely. But his lack of customer appreciation certainly colored my opinion of him as a professional.

Had I been thanked, I might have stayed. And I would have gladly sent more referrals his way. But I wasn’t, so I didn’t. I went elsewhere.

Remember this old adage: “That which gets rewarded, gets repeated.”

Reward good behavior and it will be repeated. This applies to children, pets, spouses and customers. The behaviors and actions you acknowledge and praise – including referrals – are those that get repeated.


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