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3 Steps To Take Your Sales From Nominal To Phenomenal

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 26th, 2012

What’s the simple formula for closing a flood of new sales?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the traditional model of selling. You know where you struggle to generate a qualified lead, and then when you finally get a prospect on the phone or they walk into your office – you try to convince them to… Small Business Sales Tip That Will Grow Your Businessbuy your products and services.

Here’s the number one problem most small business sales people and owners alike face in sales. The prospect talks to you and then they leave to go shop around – and they don’t come back. Which means you lose the sale.

This past Saturday was a perfect example of this failed selling strategy.

With over 100,000 miles on our favorite German sedan, it’s starting to give us problems. As my wife likes to say, “It’s not aging well.”

I think she’s talking about the car, not me.

The car’s check engine light is now permanently on. It’s burning oil and the electrics seem to be playing games with us. So, my wife and I decided to go check out a couple of possible cars to buy.

At the first dealership, the sales person locked onto us like a super magnet and he told us that the car we were looking at was the number one seller in the country. It was selling so fast, they could hardly keep any in stock.

So what do you think happened at the second car dealership we went to?

You guessed it!

The sales person (different car, different brand) gave us pretty much the same line. Best selling car, etc

And off we went to the third car showroom of the day where – guess what happened???

Yup! Same story again.

What’s even funnier is that according to available news sources, not one of the cars we looked at was even in the list of the top ten selling cars.

Obviously, when you are trying to sell a car, your services, or for that matter – anything – if you use the same worn out bone tired sales pitch as your competition it’s not going to work, and instead is just going to sound really stupid.

But that’s not even the worst selling mistake each of these sales people made that prompted us to walk out the door.

Each one saw it as their job to SELL us, convince us that their cars were the best. Two out of three even spent a good portion of their pitch bad mouthing the competition. I heard stuff that was blatantly nonsense like how their 140hp engine was tuned to provide stronger acceleration than the competitions’ 211 horsepower engine. Right!

The problem with each of the sales people we encountered was they saw their role as trying to convince us to buy, instead of simply helping us get what we wanted. Big difference!

It was terrific entertainment – an hour and a half of old school selling that doesn’t work. It made me want to order my car on Amazon instead of having to face more garbage from car sales people.

Now I’m sure you’d prefer not to scare your prospects away with this outdated approach to selling. Instead, I bet you want to know what actually works, to get prospects to talk to you and close the sale!


Here you are. Just use these three steps.

1. Focus On Your Prospect’s Interests
Trying to sell, or convince people to buy is like pedaling a bike (with your prospects on the back) straight up a steep hill instead of down hill with gravity helping.

Start by finding out what your prospects want with a few questions and then keep asking more questions to get them to tell you how your product or service is what they want. And you’ll coast to the close with a lot less effort.

2. Position Yourself as an Expert
You can either sell or advise. You can’t do both. But before you decide which role you’d like to play, ask yourself who you think more highly of, whose advice you’d be more likely to seek out – a salesman or industry expert.

The truth is the best sales people act like experts. They give you information and help you make decisions, not make them for you. Do this and you’ll outsell old school sales people ten to one.

3. Differentiate Yourself From the Competition
You may not remember but it used to be that chicken was… well chicken until Frank Perdue made it known that his chickens were better. And if he can differentiate his brand of chicken from the rest, which is not an easy task, you can differentiate your services from your competitors.

Think about what your clients like about your service that’s unique. Or if that doesn’t work, focus on yourself, your personality. One accountant differentiated himself as the funniest accountant (maybe the only one).

Three simple steps proven to generate a flood of sales!

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