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5 Steps To Getting Over Your Fear of Cold Calling

Author: Charlie Cook   |   May 13th, 2012

Everyone’s afraid of the unknown. It’s natural. Personally I won’t eat squid…not because I don’t like it but, I’m afraid of what it might taste like. But that’s just plain silly.

Use the 5 steps below to get the clients you want by using the phone.

1. Discover How Much You Could Make (Hint: Mark Cuban made over a billion)
In the 1980s he formed a company that helped small businesses link their personal computers. In 1995 he and Todd Wagner, a college classmate, had an idea: Use the Internet to allow sports fans to hear local broadcasts of their favorite teams even if they are far away. […]

2. Get Over Your Fear of Cold Calling And Get More Clients This Week
There’s one area of sales that everybody hates to do…Cold calling – the dreaded task of picking up the phone and calling someone they’ve never spoken to before. Why? ?Because they’re afraid of being rejected. So What! […]

3. Make Your Prospects Feel Important (use this secret strategy)
I was sitting at my desk diligently working on another success essay when the phone rang. Being programmed like Pavlov’s dogs to answer an incoming call hen the bell rings, I picked up the phone – interrupting myself (not a very good time management technique) – and said, “Hello, this is Jeff Mayer.” […]

4. Have a Quick Easy To Remember Marketing Message To Share

5. Find Out How To Get Return Calls (Instead of 0% you can get 25%) “Voice mail messages. Nobody ever returns my voice mail messages. I’m on the phone all day long. Leaving messages. But nobody calls me back. […]


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