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Getting Return Calls With Your Phone Messages – Small Business Marketing Tips

Author: Charlie Cook   |   April 13th, 2006

As part of your small business marketing effort you make calls to prospects. Working from your list of leads you pick up the phone to call a prospect. What happens?

80% of the time, the person you’re trying to call isn’t there. Of course you leave a message. Then what happens?

Usually nothing. You don’t get any return calls even if you make a hundred. Well maybe one.

What’s the one mistake most small business owners make marketing their business over the phone? They leave a message that pitches their products and services.

Trying to sell cold over the phone is the best way to ensure you won’t get a call back. Instead your objective should be limited to one thing. Focus on trying to get your prospects to return your calls.

Don’t try to sell anything when you leave a phone message.

– Charlie Cook
Small Business Marketing Guru

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