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How To Get To Yes and Sell More This Year

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 12th, 2012

What does it take to excel in the field of selling?

How do you get your kids to clean their rooms and get better tables at restaurants?

When will you start getting more “yes” in your life?If you’re like many people, you may think that selling is for pushy and aggressive people—for people who like to talk a lot. Perhaps you ARE in selling but aren’t doing as well as you’d like.

Maybe it’s your perspective on selling that is the challenge.

What’s the secret to successful selling?

It’s not tell, tell, tell. The real skill in effective selling is asking the right questions.

When you’re talking, you’re only dispersing knowledge you already have. When you get your clients talking, you’re learning about their pains, their needs, their challenges and what they want to own.

They won’t tell you they want the XPS5200 model. They’ll describe the benefits the XPS5200 provides – not knowing that’s the model they need.

Your job is to make the connection between the needs and the solution. It’s a simple skill you can learn, excel at and use to prosper.

How do you become a master at selling?

Find someone who is one of the all time masters and get his secret sauce, his recipe for selling success.
Tom Hopkins is that person.

Tom is an associate of mine who I’ve admired and benefited from. And the best way to learn from Tom is in person at his training events like his 3-day sales training Boot Camp.

It’s so powerful that many people leave the program saying that not only did it change their way of thinking about sales, but it helped them understand how to become better a better person.

Tom has been teaching this 3-day course for over 30 years. 45,000 sales pros have attended and reaped the rewards and this is one of Tom’s most popular programs (with attendees from all over the world).

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Which words turn buyers off and which make them feel comfortable talking with you?

Words create pictures in our minds. When I say the word “TREE,” you might “see” a pine tree in your mind’s eye. The person next to you might “see” an oak. Yet another person in the room might “see” an orange tree.

There is incredible power in the words you use in selling your products and services. Discovering how to harness and use that power is just one small part of what Tom Hopkins will teach you at his upcoming 3-day sales training Boot Camp.

Find out what other sales pros from around the world have learned about professional selling. Many have doubled and tripled their incomes after applying Tom’s proven-effective nuances of selling. He’s the best in the world at teaching you how to succeed in the “people business.”


Charlie Cook

P.S. When you want good advice, you turn to the experts. Tom Hopkins is THE expert when it comes to learning how to succeed at selling yourself, your products, services and ideas.

Discover why hundreds of sales pros from around the world are flocking to Tom’s final 3-day event.

P.P.S. Learn how to sell yourself into a job, how to sell your kids on picking up after themselves, and sell the hostess at the restaurant on giving you the prime table.

Use this link to get the details about this incredible event before it’s sold out.

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