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The Simple Secret To Success

Author: Charlie Cook   |   March 20th, 2012

What do you think about this?

Imagine you own a taxi. It’s your livelihood and in addition to keeping it looking great, you want to keep it running well too, which includes making sure your tires are inflated just right. Too much or too little air and you’ll wear them out costing yourself hundreds of dollars.

Here’s what I saw one taxi driver doing… as I waited at a red light next to a gas station here in Stamford, CT. He used the air hose to add air to his tires. Then to make sure he had the right air pressure, he put his foot on each tire and gave it a push.


I don’t know about you, but kicking your tires isn’t going to tell you if they’re inflated to anywhere close to what is optimal for your car, much less help you get the most life out of them.

But over and over, I see smart business owners doing the same thing, using the same approach to manage their business. They don’t have any accurate measurements or worse, they’re using the wrong ones.

Let me give you one example.

What’s the one number, the one measure, you pay attention to in your business? Is it the number of sales?

If so, you’ve got lots of company. That’s the same number most people pay attention to and…

It’s the wrong one!

What am I talking about?

When you focus on sales, no surprise, you emphasize selling – which typically is only the last step in getting a client to make a purchase. And you neglect the core activities that are the precursor to the sale.

It’s like planning a barbeque and only focusing on getting your grill ready and neglecting to buy any hamburger meat or hotdogs.

Your customers, your clients buy from you because they know you, like you, trust you and understand the value you provide. Building a solid customer base is the outcome of the relationships you build with prospects. The more and better relationships, the more sales. Not the other way around.

The key to success, is knowing what to measure.

For example:
– How many qualified prospects do you have on your list?
– How many prospects add themselves to your list each week?
– How often you share tips and ideas with prospects to position yourself as the go to expert in your niche?

When you focus on the precursor to sales, the activities that increase the number and strength of relationships you have with prospects and clients and you’ll generate more sales. It’s as simple as that.


Okay, now hit reply and tell me what you are going to do differently this week? What measurements do you plan to use to focus your marketing?

To your success,


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