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If My Dentist Understands Online Marketing – So Can You

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 10th, 2012

Think you have it tough attracting new clients to your business?

Imagine if most of your clients were afraid to show up at your office, and they associated your services with PAIN!

Imagine if even… Small Business Marketing For Dentiststhe people you’d helped, the ones you provided top quality services to, avoided coming back at all costs. That’s what some unnamed members of my family do – put off going to see the dentist for years.

I don’t envy dentists. It can be tough to attract new patients…

…which is why my dentist understands the importance of using online marketing to make it easy for patients to find out about his services and schedule a visit.

And that’s also why he’s stopped trying to do it himself.

Like most dentists, mine is a hands on sort of guy, a born tinkerer. And at first he thought he could just build his own site and manage it himself.

That was until he realized that he didn’t have the time to do his own online marketing and even if he did he’d rather be spending it with patients and his family.

My dentist is one smart cookie. He knows that there are some things he’s good at, and I’ll tell you I know from being a patient of his, it’s dentistry – and not online marketing.

My dentist also knows that you can’t just hire someone to do one part of your online marketing and neglect the others. That’d be like just fixing one tooth in your mouth and neglecting the rest. He knows you need someone who looks at the big picture, and has a system for getting the phone to ring.

Any dentist worth a toothbrush knows he or she needs to take care of all 32 teeth in your mouth.

How about your online marketing? Is it doing the same?

Are you focused on the whole picture, dealing with all the elements? All 32?

1.Strategic URL for your business
2. Your brand
3. Tagline that describes what you do
4. Headline that keeps prospects reading
5. How you differentiate yourself from the competition
6. Building your list of qualified prospects
7. Your opt-in offer
8. The steps you need prospects to take in order to get them to contact you
9. A proven lead generation web design
10. Optimizing your website for the search engines
11. Submitting it to 100 directories
12. Managing your Facebook marketing
13. Managing your Twitter account
14. Updating your LinkedIn marketing
15. Establishing 5-8 video sharing accounts for you
16. Creating short videos from your articles to upload
17. Writing copy for your blog
18. Posting to your blog
19. Writing articles that position you as the expert you are
20. Submitting your articles to 100 article directories
21. Using the PDF, video and slide file sharing site to dominate the search engines
22. Writing press releases
23. Distributing your press releases
24. The amount of traffic your web presence (all of the above) gets you
25. Your web to phone conversion rates
26. Getting your phone ringing
27. Tracking your calls
28. Scoring how your staff handles your calls
29. Your inquiry to sale conversion rates
30. Your upsell strategy, to maximize revenue
31. Helping you focus on increasing your recurring revenue
32. Your management processes to increase your profits

That’s 32 elements of your online marketing!

Just like your dentist deals with all 32 of your teeth, you need to do the same for your online marketing, deal with all 32 elements to be successful with your business.

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To your success,


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