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In Marketing, Like Life, Perception Is…

Author: Charlie Cook   |   August 16th, 2012

My wife is convinced our German sedan is about to die.

It’s true, it has more than 100,000 miles on it, but it still drives like new. Well almost new, that is if you overlook a few things…Find out how you can boost your internet marketingOne problem with it is the check engine light on the dashboard came on a couple of months ago, and we haven’t found a mechanic who can figure out why it’s on, despite repeated visits to the dealership.

Now every time my wife gets in the car, that nagging little light tells her something is wrong, even if it’s not and the car runs fine.

And that stupid light is about to cost me a new car!

Perception is reality with our car – and in your small business marketing too.

If your website is lame or not working, your prospects perception will be that your business is broken too.

And given that 97% of small business owners I talk to tell their websites aren’t working, I’d say that 100% of their prospects perception is the same about their businesses.

Which means, if you want to use the web to attract new business, it’s time you did something about your website.

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