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How to Get More Leads from LinkedIn

Author: Jan Vermeiren   |   October 27th, 2010

Are you not getting the action you want from LinkedIn? A great LinkedIn profile is more than just a resume, a summary and some recommendations.

Your LinkedIn profile can be a powerful sales and marketing tool with just a little work. Here’s how to create a profile that really stands out so people are excited to connect with you.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is free and not so hard to do, using the LinkedIn tools under “more” in the menu bar.

Look for “My Applications” in the “more” menu, followed by the Application Directory. “Get More Applications” at the bottom of the list provides even more marketing resources to supercharge your LinkedIn profile.

You can also start from the “Add Applications” link when you “Edit your Profile.”

WordPress or Blog Link: use one of these Applications to link your personal or company blog to your Profile. When a new item is posted on your blog, it automatically appears on your Profile.

Amazon Reading List: tell people which books you have read and which books you liked. This will not only give them a better perspective of the person you are, but help them to discover interesting books for themselves!

Events: if you are organizing or attending an event, mention it on your Profile. In this way you can promote your own event and let people know where they can meet you in person. LinkedIn is a great tool to make live meetings possible, not a replacement for face-to-face business networking! files: share interesting information with other people. This information could be free tips, white papers or poll results. Always make sure there is value for the reader, don’t make it a “hard sales” document. Share your expertise (or that from your organization) so people know what you are an expert in. Build relationships with people first – the sales will follow.

SlideShare: use Powerpoint slides (or a Word or PDF document) to share interesting tips and insights with other people. Again, don’t make it a sales pitch. A bonus effect of using this Application might be that your SlideShare presentation ends up very high in Google or other search engines. Great publicity at no cost!

Google Presentation:
use Google Presentation in combination with YouTube to show a movie in your Profile. This alone will make your Profile stand out from the rest!

To your success !

© 2010 Jan Vermeriren

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