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Are You Making This Costly Web Design Mistake?

Author: Tanya Beaudoin   |   June 21st, 2012

While shopping for a new vehicle I almost made the same mistake many website owners make when making decisions about their website… I almost went for the…

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glitz and glamour over functionality.

My husband and I have been shopping around for a new vehicle to replace my aging mini-van. We visited a few different dealerships, talked to salesmen and spent many hours researching online.

I saw a Crossover/SUV that I loved… I could see myself sitting in it with the pearl white paint with white leather interior. Oooh so pretty!

Of course it really wasn’t big enough and anyone sitting in the third row seating would have to climb over the second row seats. It would be quite squishy on the drive to Florida we were hoping to make next year. And never mind trying to fit any building materials in it for the home improvements we have planned.

Luckily, we came to our senses and we pick up a new minivan tomorrow. It is perfect for what we need, roomy, practical, and lots of storage. Of course we added a few little luxuries like built in navigation (planning for our trip to Florida) and a build in TV/DVD player (to entertain our son). It really is the perfect vehicle for our lifestyle and needs.

We made the right decision about which vehicle to buy and it was no thanks to any salesperson.

Like many web design companies out there, the salespeople we encountered were only interested in making a sale. They didn’t really care if the vehicle was right for us or not. We took the time, did the research and eventually (after about 6 weeks) picked the right vehicle on our own.

As a small business owner you don’t have time to spend hundreds of hours learning about internet marketing, social media strategies and coding websites. You need to work with trusted web professionals that understand your business and your website objectives, and most importantly want your business to succeed.

A good web design and marketing firm will ask questions, listen to you and then apply their formula for online success to your business model. Before choosing a web design firm, check out their testimonials and references to see how they have helped other small businesses like you.

Like buying a car, decisions about your website need to be made based on performance, functionality and purpose.

What do you need your website to do for you?

Generate leads?
Make sales?
Increase profit?

Don’t let yourself get distracted by the glamour and sparkly options being pushed at you by some web firms. Choose website performance and functionality over glitz and glamour and you will be on your way to success!

One Response to “Are You Making This Costly Web Design Mistake?”

  1. Renee Disick Says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Good advice. We chose a red station wagon to get us and 2 golden retrievers from Utah to our new home in FL. And we chose you to be our website designer–Two great choices that are functioning very well for us.

    Will you visit Orlando? We don’t live far…Let us know.

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