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Unbelievable! This app will disrupt the advertising industry.

Author: Iman Aghay   |   June 29th, 2014

An emerging technology called Augmented Reality is an advertiser’s dream come true. It delivers additional information to a prospective buyer at the moment and in the location the buyer is looking for it. More sales will result.

Earthlandia Technology has developed an app that places this technology at the fingertips of smartphone and tablet users. Earthlandia’s challenge is to get 300,000 Apple and Android app downloads in 6 months. This installed base will create the critical mass that will trigger the network effect – a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Earthlandia’s founder and CEO, Mr. Geoff Cohen, presented his app to a panel of marketing experts. He asked for their advice on his revenue model, target market selection and marketing plan. Click here to watch Geoff’s presentation and the advice he received from the marketing experts.

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