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A Secret Selling Opportunity I Bet Isn’t Found In Your Web Site Marketing

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 27th, 2005

Every web site has a “not found” page. This shows up when for a variety of reasons. You’ve deleted a page that someone is trying to link to, someone types in the wrong address, etc. Each time a visitor to your site sees this page its a dead end for them and you.

On one of my sites that includes a directory of newsletters I discovered I had a Not Found page that was showing a lot, over 11,000 times a month. What could I do?

I added a sign up link for my free marketing newsletter on the Not Found page and now have a steady stream of new sign-ups for my newsletter coming from my not found page. Click here to see it. For many more ideas on ways to generate additional leads and sales from your web site, Click here – Charlie Cook

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