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When Do You Need A Professional?

Author: Tanya Beaudoin   |   May 16th, 2012

Last weekend I was cleaning up my front garden, pulling weeds and cutting the grass. I noticed that my front walkway was looking pretty rough. A couple years ago my husband and I decided to put down some used paving stones to make a little walkway to our front porch.

We did it ourselves and it looked pretty good… for the first year. But the next year after the winter (and the frost) the walkway was all uneven. Now a few years later and the walkway looks horrible. I regret doing it myself and wish we hired a professional. The moral of the story is some things are best left to professionals. This is true in our personal lives but even more so for our businesses.

I had a customer contact me this month and they wanted me to see if I could fix their website. They had the web design completely redone by a friend’s, neighbour’s, dog walker… ok, I am not sure who it was that did it, but it certainly wasn’t a professional.

The customer’s main concern was the site was no longer cross-browser compatible. It looked horrible in Internet Explorer and to be honest it didn’t look that great in Firefox either. Once I dug into the site I realized there were even bigger issues – all the search engine optimization we had done in the past had been removed and the site was a coding nightmare!

I couldn’t fix it quickly… I would need to rebuild the entire site properly. Much like if I brought in professionals to fix my walkway. It would be easier and more economical for them to start fresh. The customer had wasted so much time, energy and money on the new site and he ended up reverting back to his old site.

At the end of the day your website is a direct reflection of your business. Actually it’s a reflection of your business 24/7 which is why it’s so important.

In this day and age with the web over a decade old, your customers expect more than a site that you built yourself of hired someone to build for pennies on the dollar. They expect it represent the value you provide.

If it looks shoddy, unprofessional, doesn’t work and doesn’t generate traffic, it won’t matter how much money you saved by having your son’s best friend build it. If you want a truly effective, functional and profitable website you’ll need a professional, one that is more than just window dresser but actually understands direct response marketing.

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