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How One Business Owner Increased Her Calls By 256% In Seven Months

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 18th, 2012

Picture this. You’re walking through your business’ office area and all you can hear are phones ringing.

You can’t count to three without hearing, “Good morning, (insert business name here), how may I help you?”

Sound impossible?Internet Marketing Advice For Small BusinessesIt isn’t. Listen to what one of my clients experienced.

Lisa, proud business owner of a gym for young children, called me and asked for help. She had been doing okay financially, but it had been tough for her since 2008. She was getting some business, but nowhere near what she wanted. She wanted her phone to ring off the hook with new customers.

Reviewing Lisa’s business website, we found the problem instantly. You couldn’t find her gym online. With the internet being the business locating resource of today, her business essentially didn’t exist because potential clients couldn’t find her.

Here’s what we did:

Lisa had done a great job on website design. What it was missing, though, was that it didn’t generate leads. We redesigned it using our proven marketing formula for website success.

Then, we started writing content for Lisa, by way of articles, blogs and social media posts and distributed it to the 100 channels we use to get our clients online presence.

What happened for Lisa?

Month 1 – zero new customer calls.
Month 2 – one new customer call.
Month 3 – three new customer calls.
Month 4 – 38 new customer calls.
Month 5 – 56 new customer calls.
Month 6 – 102 new customer calls.
Month 7 – 256 new customer calls.

It didn’t happen overnight for Lisa, but internet marketing takes time. Imagine these results with your business. A few months from now, you could be fielding calls from 256 new potential clients who are eager to do business with you.

The thought of having that kind of increase may bring on a new set of fears. How will you keep up?

But, that’s part of the process, right? Higher customer demand could allow you to either raise your prices or expand your business. What a great outcome!

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