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4 Ways To Get Traffic-Boosting Reciprocal Links

Author: Charlie Cook   |   January 3rd, 2011

Reciprocal linking is exactly what it sounds like – linking to someone’s website and having them link back to yours in return. Although reciprocal links don’t rank as high on search engines as one-way links, you’ll still notice an increase of traffic from having your link in various places.

Search EnginesBuild Reciprocal Links
For free, easy-to-use linking tools, I recommend the Build Reciprocal Links website. Check out their reciprocal link checker to verify your reciprocal links. And while you’re at it, get involved in their discussion board to discuss the latest in linking and SEO with over 9,000 members.

Link Partners
This free websites aims to “build website traffic, brand site and product names, gain both one way links and relevant link exchanges and increase overall link popularity.” And with no spam, no link farms and no free-for-all links pages, it’s definitely worth a try.

Submit your link to be included in a huge roster of sites. Then start surfing and exchanging links with friends. Unlike other sites, link exchanges must be request and subsequently approved before any further action can be taken.

True Reciprocal Link
This directory has to review and approve all links, which means you only get quality reciprocal links.  Their focus on quality, not quantity ensures real link building results. True Reciprocal Link also focuses on making sure you’re not getting duped by some tricky webmaster who isn’t actually returning the favor.

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