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7 Real-Time SEO Links That Will Boost Your Web Traffic

Author: Charlie Cook   |   December 6th, 2010

Real time searches are becoming increasingly popular – you’ve got Twitter feeds showing up in Google searches seconds after they’re posted.

With real-time feeds from Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms showing up in search results, every link and mention of your website or blog is directing people to your site so utilize these to the fullest!

SEO Web TrafficAlmost.At
Almost at is almost too current for its own good. Upon landing on the homepage, you’re offered options of the top items. Click on one of those and you’re bombarded with overwhelming streams of Tweets, YouTube Videos. And it doesn’t filter by language or region, so unless you’re fluent in 25 languages, you’ll have some sorting to do.

Collecta’s strengths lies in the breadth of resources from which it pulls. On the landing page, you’ll find the top e-news of the day (which often pertains to the latest celebrity pregnancy/scandal/divorce), but their real-time search lets you simultaneously peruse the web and Twitter.

One Riot
This start-up offers advertising solutions for real-time searches. They work with big brands so their service is most-likely pricey but they promise excellent, up to the minute placement to an extremely relevant audience.

The first thing TwitScoop does is sort out non-English and/or spam ads. Then, it detects growing and breaking trends in the Twitterverse and neatly displays them to you.TwitScoop helps you get in on the social media conversation and stay well versed about latest  trends.

If real-time search is the future, then a blog post from last week is…well, the past, of course. Topsy is one of the leaders in real-time search offering you results from he past hour, past day, past 3 days and so on.

Another Twitter real-time feed. Twazzup shows you the top subjects on the home page and has a search feature so you can check out the popularity of the topic of your choice.

If there’s a link that everyone’s tweeting about, TwittUrly is the first to know. They track all the URLs whizzing through the Twitterverse and neatly present them to you so you don’t have to sort through them yourself. This tool is great because it gives you an idea as to the types of links that get attention on Twitter. Posting a link is one thing, getting your followers to click on it is another!

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