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Is Your Website Past Due For This Fix?

Author: Tanya Beaudoin   |   August 1st, 2012

On the web you have a few seconds at best to impress your prospects when they visit your website. If it’s boring, out of date and doesn’t work to generate a lead, you’re past due.

Let’s be honest with each other…Use these search engine tips to get to the top of GoogleGranted, I’m biased, but most websites don’t work, and it’s not internet marketing that’s the problem. It’s that the website design is, in a word, lame.

How about your web site?

Is it past due for a fix, a renovation and facelift?

Here are 5 major indicators that it is time for website redesign:

– Have your profits and conversions been suffering?
Is your website contributing to your bottom line? This is the biggest indicator that it is time for a redesign. If you are not generating enough sales or leads your site is not being effective and it is time for a change.

– Is your website lacking traffic?
Low or declining traffic can be a good indicator that it’s time for a redesign. You likely need to revisit your search engine optimization (SEO), content and overall design. Google is constantly updating their search algorithms and what worked well for you six months ago may not be working today.

– Is your website experiencing high bounce rates?
Are visitors landing on your site and immediately leaving? This indicates that your site is not providing the information or functionality that your visitors are after. They’re leaving your site too quickly and this means you need to refresh your design and content to make it more useful to your prospects.

– Was your website designed more than 3 years ago?
If your website was originally designed several years ago it is likely that the overall all look of your site has become quite dated. Just like fashion or interior design, trends and styles change for websites each year. Technology advances mean there are new and better ways of coding your site that will make it more functional and faster to load.

Has your business experienced any major changes or have you introduced any new products or services?
Are these changes reflected on your website? If not, you are missing out on some great opportunities.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s likely time to redesign your website. This means revisiting every aspect of your site including:

• updating your website content and navigation
• improving overall appearance of your website
• revisiting your calls to action, opt-ins and freebies
• updating your search engine optimization strategy
• updating or developing a social media strategy

Ultimately, deciding when you need a new website design is pretty simple – If you are not getting the results you want, it is time to change what you are doing!

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