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8 Local Search Links That Will Get You Traffic

Author: Charlie Cook   |   December 27th, 2010

Here’s the good news about local search: If someone is new to your town (i.e. recently relocated or visiting, for example) they have no idea who your competitors are. The yellow pages are a thing of the past – consumers now go to the internet to find new resources in a city. 

Search Engines

So with on-point keywords you can position your business as the prominent one in your city! Use these local search resources to boost your businesses position in the local arena.

Bing Local
While there are many Google fanatics out there, there’s also a large population of people who prefer Microsoft products. Utilize Bing Local so as not to alienate those potential clients who don’t swear by Google.

Expose Local
Consultant Terry Richards knows how overlooked local SEO has been. He also knows its relevance and the advantage it can give your company over others businesses. In addition to offering a paid consultant service, Richards shares some valuable local search resources on his website.

Insider Pages
Customer review sites are the best way to get clicks because you get (hopefully) positive reviews that will influence other customers and free advertising! Insiderpages is the one of the largest customer review sites and shows up in search engine results, so this is a must use!

Local Keywords
This is a particularly helpful site as it allows you to enter the zip code and search terms to generate local adwords and keywords. Also includes various options to help you narrow the results down a bit.

Local Search Toolkit
These local search gurus provide the very best local SEO knowledge and tools out there. They’re currently accepting applicants for beta testing of their toolkit so sign up now to be one of the first!

Local SEO Guide
Blogger Andrew Shotland dispels rumors, gives advice and offers up handy resources on his local SEO blog. Ever wonder how Yelp can help your small business? Andrew analyzes its SEO Service and much more on his blog.

Merchant Circle
Signing up for Merchant Circle as a free advertiser means your listing is presented to local users. Merchant Circle profiles are quickly indexed and usually rank pretty high, so I definitely recommend signing up.

Mobile Search Guide
People often use cellphones and smarthpones to look up local listings and find what services are nearby. breaks down everything you need to know about mobile search and offers up resources to help sort through local search.

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