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10 Ways to Power Up Your Social Media Marketing

Author: Kim Sheehan   |   October 21st, 2010

Are you on top of your Facebook status, tweeting like mad, working your email marketing and still not getting the results you want?

Here are some quick hints to make your readers and customers want to “follow you” everywhere. Targeted_Social_Media

Do: Write about what interests your customers. For example, if you are a florist, customers are likely following your messages because they love your flowers. If you also love football, and go on and on about it in your messages, your customers may not care. Consider a personal account for these types of social media posts.

Don’t: Promote your political views or other controversial topics in your business posts. I’m a fan of controversial messages regarding business practices and ethics, but controversial topics that have nothing to do with your business are not appropriate. Remember – it’s a cocktail party, not a soapbox; save your religious and political viewpoints for your personal accounts.

Do: Write clearly, without a lot of jargon. If you post something vague or ambiguous, such as a post with lots of acronyms, you are at best confusing your customers and at worst making them feel ‘out of the loop.’ Neither is a good social media marketing strategy.

Don’t: Send automated posts, such as those that say “I made a new blog post” or “I posted a photo on Facebook.” Add something personal so your followers have a reason to click on the link.

Don’t: Post famous quotes by other people. Some people love these, I guess. The first one is interesting, the next ones just signal that you’ve run out of things to talk about.

Don’t: Retweet or repost news headlines that more than two people have already reposted or retweeted. If you’ve seen it twice, assume others have too and they don’t need to see it again. If you’re retweeting or reposting news that directly affects your business, add a personal comment to make it relevant.

Do: Make your posts creative and original. Avoid posting the same message every day. I follow a store that is promoting a costume event right now, and they post the same message word for word every morning. This seems so lazy to me: why can’t they mix up the language a little bit so it seems like a new message?

Don’t: Post teasers for future events with no additional information available. I’ve seen people say that they’re going to have “an event in a month—stay tuned.” There’s no link, no description, no way of knowing if indeed I should stay tuned. Asking people to “stay tuned” is a waste of time in the fast world we live in.

Do: Keep it short and sweet. Posting five or six messages in a row seems like you just realized that oops! you were supposed to be participating in social media. It also suggests that there won’t be any more messages for a while, which gives me license to forget about you. Not good.

Don’t: Respond to a negative comment about your business with anything other than an apology. Check out Social Media Marketing: 10 Fresh Topics, for some great ideas to get you out of your messaging rut. And now while I hop down off my soapbox, feel free to post what kinds of messages make you nuts!

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