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The One Thing You Must Do…

Author: Charlie Cook   |   March 27th, 2012

When I was 7, I enjoyed playing hide and seek. This was before the Internet existed. Only one person I knew had color TV and there was no cable TV, no iPad, no iPhone, no Droid, etc – you get the picture.

The goal of hide and seek, if you’re doing the hiding is to make yourself scarce, to bury yourself under a big duffle bag in a closet or climb up onto a shelf…and tuck yourself behind a box.

That way you’ll be the last to be found, and win the game.

Now as I’m sure you know if you want clients, if you want to make money, playing hide and seek with your business is the opposite of what you want.

You don’t want to be hidden from view, to make yourself hard to find – but it’s amazing to me that that is exactly what many businesses are doing online – playing hide and seek with prospects, and making it hard for potential buyers to find them.

You probably guessed it. The one thing you need to do, no matter what business you’re in is… get found, make it easy for people to find you.

I’m going to go a step further. Your goal should be to make it practically impossible for prospects not to find you, if they’re looking.

When I was a kid, getting found was easy. All you had to do was let out a shout. And the same was true for business owners.

When people wanted a dentist, a plumber or an accountant, they’d grab the phone book, flip to the yellow pages and browse the ads. All you needed to do was spend large amounts of a money on the biggest ad in your category and the phone would ring.

Things have changed. Today, the rules for getting found are different for your business.

In our house we don’t keep the yellow pages around. When I’m looking for a dentist or car dealer or animal hospital, I do what most people do. I search online to find a service provider. I’m sure you know, but here’s what happens.

If your prospect sees your listing in the top couple of listings in the search engines, there is a good chance they’ll click on it and call you. If they don’t see you listed, or even if you’re on the second page of the listings, your prospects will assume you don’t exist. Ouch!

The people who would have happily spent money with you – instead spend it with your competitors, the ones they quickly found online.

So what can you do?

How can you get top rankings in the search engines?

First off you should know there are a lot of charlatans out there promising instant results and top placements. And there are a bunch of people who will tell you it’s some magic they perform. All a bunch of nonsense.

Let me spell it out, sweet and not so simple.

B.G., before Google, you could just add your keywords to a few places on your webpage, and within days you could get a top ranking for anything including your competitor’s name.

But all that changed when Google came on the scene and started providing highly relevant results, which was actually a good thing.

The unfortunate side effect for people like you was that it became much more difficult to get top rankings in Google. Now you need to meet Google’s precise specifications, and you need to do this on your website, your blog, using video, articles, PowerPoint and PDF files. And to stay on top, you need to do it every month, which is a lot for anyone trying to run a business.

It takes hours of effort every day, time you should be devoting to clients, family and fun.

Which is why I’m making my SEO team and our lead generation system available to you, that is if you live in the U.S.

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To your success,


P.S. Playing hide and seek is great when you’re a kid, but it’s no way to be successful. In business, money flows to those at the top, the most visible people and businesses.

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2 Responses to “The One Thing You Must Do…”

  1. Beckley Says:

    Great analogy with the hide and seek!

    We’ve found that a good place to start is blogging – it lets you connect with your potential client base, show people what you know and, of course, improve your Google rankings! If you do choose to go with an SEO company, make sure you get one that tracks and shows you exactly what they’re doing. There are a lot of great SEOs out there, but a lot of bad ones as well. The great ones will increase your sales and cash flow, but the bad ones could get you kicked off Google for good!

  2. blogadmin Says:

    Good point! Thanks for the input.

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