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What Are the 4 Most Common Web Site Marketing Mistakes?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 6th, 2005

When a prospect visits your web site you have 3-5 seconds at most to get their attention. What are the most common reasons web sites fail to do this?

1. Barriers to viewing. I love movies, colorful logos and pictures as much as the next person but its information that your prospects want. Research shows 80% of people find Flash movies annoying and will just go elsewhere instead of waiting it out. Other design elements may not be as much of a hurdle to your readers, but you’ve only got a couple of seconds to help your prospects understand why they should view your site. Make the most of it to focus their attention where you want it.

2. The over use of your company name, logo and generic taglines. The object of your site is to get the attention of prospects who don’t already know and trust you, people whose biggest concern is if and how you can help them. Give them a headline which explains what you do and why they shoud contact you.

3. Marketing copy written by your webmaster or the people on your staff who developed the products and services. Webmasters are expert programmers but in most cases writing compelling marketing copy is not one of their skill sets. If you had the people who developed your company’s products and services write your marketing copy, you may have found someone who can write in easy to read English but my experience is they don’t write for the people you want to attract. As a company insider it is hard to realize how little your prospects know and most company authored marketing materials tend to bury the content that should be in the foreground for your prospects.

4. The absence of enough reasons to act. If you want your prospects to read your copy, to trust you, to call you or order from you they need reasons to do so. Don’t assume your prospects will figure out that by calling you they’ll learn more. Tell them how they will benefit from each action you want them to take.

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– Charlie Cook

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