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Unbelievable! This app will disrupt the advertising industry.

By Iman Aghay   |   June 29, 2014

An emerging technology called Augmented Reality is an advertiser’s dream come true. It delivers additional information to a prospective buyer at the moment and in the location the buyer is looking for it. More sales will result.

Earthlandia Technology has developed an app that places this technology at the fingertips of smartphone and tablet users. Earthlandia’s challenge is to get 300,000 Apple and Android app downloads in 6 months. This installed base will create the critical mass that will trigger the network effect – a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Earthlandia’s founder and CEO, Mr. Geoff Cohen, presented his app to a panel of marketing experts. He asked for their advice on his revenue model, target market selection and marketing plan. Click here to watch Geoff’s presentation and the advice he received from the marketing experts.

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The worst crime entrepreneurs can commit against a great product

By Iman Aghay   |   June 17, 2014

paint roller beside paint brush at paint reservoir

paint roller beside paint brush at paint reservoir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The paintbrush that cave dwellers used was a stick with hair attached to the end. This same basic design endured for 20,000 years … until Terry Douglas designed the EnviroBrush. His design can disrupt the paintbrush industry because it does for paintbrushes what the replaceable sleeve does for paint rollers – it enables a low cost refill to replace an expensive new brush. Paintbrush buyers and the environment love this.

But Terry spent several million dollars on product development and test marketing. Now he is close to committing the worst crime entrepreneurs can commit against a great product – running out of the cash needed to finance the execution of its marketing plan. How sad!


to watch Terry’s presentation and hear the advice he received from a panel of marketing experts on the Sizzling Sales Show

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Suicide by opportunity

By Iman Aghay   |   May 22, 2014

A business with a great product or service often has several high-quality target markets. This potential often seduces entrepreneurs into pursuing several of these markets simultaneously … followed by suicide from cashflow starvation. It is much better to focus initial marketing and sales efforts on a single beachhead market than to deploy limited resources over several markets.

A recent presenter on the Sizzling Sales Show was comfortable with his online, direct-to consumer strategy and fulfillment capabilities. He recognised that there are special demands for moving beyond a North American online competency and into the world of national bricks ‘n mortar distributors in international markets. In particular, he recognised that his infrastructure must be sufficient to support his distributors’ education needs. But still he wanted to expand into 6 international markets.

The panel of sales and marketing experts pricked his bubble. They told him to choose profitability over popularity. They guided him on a path to take his business from good to great … safely.

To see what they said, watch the trailer below. Then go to watch the full presentation video.

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How I built a 6 figure business in 4 days with less than $2k investment

By Iman Aghay   |   May 17, 2014

Imagine a person who has a mailing list of 200,000 people in your niche market, promote your business tomorrow. What can that do for your business?

In February 2014, I did a case study where I walked into several cities that I had never been to before and within 4 days I built a 6 figure business with less than $2000 investment. This is not a MLM or get rich quick business, technically the technique that I used can be used for any business.

Here is the technique: I got the most influential people in my target market (entrepreneurs) to promote my business. I documented everything that I did to share exclusively with my coaching clients who pay $6000+ to be on my programs. However Charlie asked me to share my secrets with the readers of Marketing For Success blog (you) on a free webinar. So there you have it. You can register for this FREE webinar at

On May 20th at 6pm (EST) I’ll reveal my secrets on how you can get almost any influential person in your field to refer actual paying clients to you in a very short time even when they don’t know you. And No, you even don’t need to pay them.

My students who have been using these techniques have double or tripled their sales in the last few months. So don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity and sign up today at

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Apple’s #1 Marketing Secret

By Iman Aghay   |   May 5, 2014

I’ve always been blown away by how Apple stands out from the competition.

I always knew they were using a secret sauce in their marketing message

but I never knew what that secret sauce was until…

I watched this TED talk by Simon Sinek called “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.

It was a HUGE eye opener for me and has done wonders for my business too.

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Who Is Responsible In A Virtual Company…

By Charlie Cook   |   December 5, 2012

Ever have stuff fall through the cracks, meetings missed and follow through not there, or see fellow staff members make the same mistake over and over?

It happens all the time in virtual companies.

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When Firing An Employee Is The Right Thing To Do…

By Charlie Cook   |   November 28, 2012

Ever have an employee who, no matter what you tried, just couldn’t get it right, and in effect was undermining your business and your profits?

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5 Thanksgiving Branding Tips

By Charlie Cook   |   November 19, 2012

How can you use Thanksgiving to build your brand and grow your business?

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The One Habit You Must Adopt To Survive and Prosper

By Charlie Cook   |   November 7, 2012

Last week the home of a friend burned to the ground during hurricane Sandy, and other friends’ homes flooded.

The damage was severe and many are faced with having to rebuild the first floor of their homes here in the coastal Connecticut. Read More »

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When Hurricane Sandy Comes To Visit…

By Charlie Cook   |   November 2, 2012

Fortunately our home in Rowayton CT was undamaged. Can’t say as much for the house next door, with the tree that fell on their car and went through their roof, or the rest of this usually picturesque town.

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