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A Powerful Secret For Getting People To Read Your Entire Ad

Author: Mike Jezek   |   March 29th, 2010

For your advertising to be effective, you want people to read from start to finish. If they skip around, they won’t get all of their questions answered and their objections to buying won’t be properly dealt with. This is why it’s vital you use what are called “transitional phrases” throughout your ad or sales letter. What is a “transitional phrase”?

It’s a special phrase or word that motivates the reader to keep reading from paragraph to paragraph. If you’ve spent any time writing ads, you know firsthand that it can be hard to copywriting ideastransition from one idea to another smoothly. This is where transitional phrases come in and save the day. Here is a short list of transitional phrases you can attach to the end of some paragraphs in your ad to keep the reader moving from start to finish.

  1. And that’s just the beginning
  2. Wait, there’s more
  3. And don’t forget this
  4. Here’s even more proof
  5. And here’s the catch
  6. Let me explain
  7. Plus, there is something else I’d like to send you
  8. What about you?
  9. Here is some really good news
  10. You’re going to like this
  11. Here’s exhibit A
  12. This might surprise you
  13. Here’s what they don’t want you to know
  14. Are you ready for the answer?
  15. Do you know what happened next?
  16. Here’s the best part
  17. Plus there’s more
  18. And that’s just for starters
  19. This is the mistake most people make
  20. Here’s the missing puzzle piece
  21. Here’s the shocking reality
  22. What’s the real lesson here?
  23. Let’s pause right here just for a moment
  24. What is the source of my information?
  25. Here is an example of what I mean


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