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Are You Driving Your Small Business Through the Windshield or the Mirror?

Author: Tony Brueski   |   January 24th, 2010

It’s a simple question really. When you make decisions about your business: Are you basing those decisions on what you see ahead of you and where you want to go? Or are you making your decisions based on what you’ve seen in the mirror and the past?

If you focus all your attention on the dark storm you just drove out of, you will likely miss the turns, on-coming traffic, and likely drive your business completely off the road because your focus is not on the road ahead. Is that really the way you want to operate your business?

Yes – times have been rough for many of us. Yes – you have been gripping the wheel with all your might. While you were gripping that wheel – You’re focus was likely on the road ahead though. Now that we are seeing a break in the storm – is it really a wise decision to drive your businesses future by looking behind you? It’s understandable to be hesitant, we just drove through a bad storm. advertising tips

Ask yourself: How do you want to grow your business? How do you want to sustain your customer base? More importantly – How do you want to grow it?

As someone who works in the marketing industry, my job is quite simple. Find the most effective ways for individual businesses to expose themselves to their target clientele. And oh yea… do this as cheaply as possible.

Even with the advent of new forms of marketing one of the most effective and cheapest ways to reach your customers over and over with a compelling offer or message remains to be radio. Why?

It’s quite simple – When you look at the stats of how many people listen to a station, the cost of airing a single commercial, and the impressions that you make from that one commercial. It comes down to pennies per person. Yes – Pennies per person to reach your audience through a radio commercial. Combine the exposure radio gives you with a legit and solid offer to your customers and you have marketing gold.

Compare pennies per impression to pay per click – And you are looking at anywhere from $1 – $30 per click. Compare it to direct mail and you are looking at $2 – $3 for a piece of paper that will likely be thrown away. Compare it to almost any other venue and you are looking at much higher costs per impression.

Don’t forget your message has to make a true impression with your customer. If the message blends in with everything else, or is weak – you will have wasted your opportunity.


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