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The Truth About Advertising

By Tony Brueski   |   September 30, 2011

Every single day I hear a client utter a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If only they knew what to do about it… Read More »

3 Ways To Make More Successful Ads

By Tony Brueski   |   September 12, 2011

Any business that uses TV ads knows that there is a fine line between catchy and effective.

If you try to be too “catchy” or “creative” the viewer can lose sight of what the message is all about. You might succeeded in keeping their attention and making them laugh, but you will have failed at… Read More »

The Power of “Free”

By Tony Brueski   |   August 12, 2011

I want to talk about a word that is extremely powerful in radio advertising.

It’s just one word, one syllable, one thought…

but it can actually be defined and a complete sentence.

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Viral Advertising: Calling KFC’s Bluff

By Tony Brueski   |   April 24, 2010

The Internet is abuzz this week with talk of the “KFC Double Down” sandwich. A sandwich that has no bun, rather two pieces of fried chicken with bacon and cheese sandwiched in the middle.

“How could they do this!” are the cries that come from millions who are already more than sickened by peoples lack of self control. “Especially with all the talk of our nations problems with obesity!” another cries. Read More »

2 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Your Radio Commercials

By Tony Brueski   |   April 10, 2010

When it comes to any form of advertising – There are quite a few pitfalls that one can fall into. Very expensive pitfalls that is… Many of which could easily be avoided if someone who knew a few key things about consumer reactions were behind the creation of your ad. For this example lets take a look at two major mistakes from a radio commercial I just heard. Read More »

How to Destroy Your Small Business – One Step at a Time

By Tony Brueski   |   March 24, 2010

There has been allot of talk and posts out there over the last 5 years about “only checking your email once or twice a day” to be productive. This may work for you if you are EXTREMENLY HANDS OFF with your business, but it won’t work if you rely on communicating with the people who run it, or the customers who support it.

Now… you not only need to have a finger on the pulse of your inbox, you need to have it on twitter, face book, and the load of other social networks out there – because guess what – your customers are there too. And they are talking about what they need from you. Read More »

Don’t Make This Major Website Blunder

By Tony Brueski   |   March 10, 2010

I’m someone who works my ass off to help business owners reach their potential customers. I go through every door, look behind every corner, and under every rock for the best places for a business to scream out to their customers “HERE I AM, COME AND GET ME!”.

When I’m going through this process, I do a A LOT of calling to radio, TV and web properties. There is nothing that baffles me more, than when these entities have very few – or NO ways to contact them on their websites. I understand it a little more when the start-up business who is not in the communications business overlooks this MAJOR step, but come on – radio, TV, web – ALL IN THE COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS! Read More »

Another BAD Radio Commericial…

By Tony Brueski   |   February 24, 2010

What can I say… I’m probably one of the strongest critics of radio commercials. The fact that I create them for a living, makes me a bit of a “dork” when it comes to listening to the radio. Constantly talking to it, criticizing it, praising it and all around over analyzing everything I hear. I probably sound like my father when we are watching an NFL game, except I’m yelling at another debt relief radio commercial.

What is really driving me nuts these days… Similarity. Lack of creativity. BLA-NESS. Read More »

Give Your Customers More Credit

By Tony Brueski   |   February 10, 2010

I’m not talking about dollars and cents here… I’m talking about the credit your customers have with your business mentally and emotionally. Consumer loyalty. What is your “credit level” with your customers?

Start out by asking yourself a few questions:

1) How do your customers view YOUR business and what you offer THEM? Read More »

Are You Driving Your Small Business Through the Windshield or the Mirror?

By Tony Brueski   |   January 24, 2010

It’s a simple question really. When you make decisions about your business: Are you basing those decisions on what you see ahead of you and where you want to go? Or are you making your decisions based on what you’ve seen in the mirror and the past?

If you focus all your attention on the dark storm you just drove out of, you will likely miss the turns, on-coming traffic, and likely drive your business completely off the road because your focus is not on the road ahead. Is that really the way you want to operate your business? Read More »