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The Truth About Advertising

Author: Tony Brueski   |   September 30th, 2011

Every single day I hear a client utter a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If only they knew what to do about it…“I can’t afford Advertising; we need to explore other options.”

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth, if they only knew what I do about the subject at hand.

There is a stigma with television advertising. I call it the “super bowl” effect. If you are not in the TV industry the only time you talk TV commercial price is around a big football game, I can understand the confusion. The number is usually out of the park crazy and unattainable for 99.9% of all businesses in the country. This price is not the norm though… not even close.

While it is true that advertising nationally on television would take a serious budget to take on effectively, local advertising is one of the most affordable ways to market a business. If your target customers are located near your place of biz, it is an option that should be seriously considered. My advertising outlet of choice is cable. It offers a more targeted customer and targeted programming than the networks and it’s a fraction of the price.

The price point to advertise locally on a top rated network show may be high, but the price point on a top rated cable shows with nearly as many viewers may be a fraction of the “network” cost. You just have to know what you are getting for the money.

I’m sure you’ve seen the overabundance of shows on cable television these days. There is a show for almost every hobby, idea and interest known to human kind. While this seems a bit crazy to all of us who have no interest in some of the odd niches out there, it’s pure gold for the business who wants to market to that section of the population.
An experienced advertising agency like mine can help you easily find out what shows would make the most sense to be advertising on and then go to work to get you the lowest rates possible on TV air time during those shows. ??Are you surprised at how easy and cheap TV advertising can be? “What about the cost of a commercial” you ask? That too can be done very economically and look better than the standard “pan” shot of a store front. There are plenty of ways to get your message across with a creative and eye catching commercial with-out going broke.

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One Response to “The Truth About Advertising”

  1. Dakwah Syariah Says:

    Many knowledge and information I got from your site, especially about the ad, it looks like I have much to learn and want to try advertising, I do not understand about placing ads is good and continues to seek information, thanks and greetings of friendship.

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