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1 Critical Page Almost Every Online Marketer Ignores

Author: Ryan Healy   |   August 10th, 2011

Smart marketers pay attention to conversion rates on all their sales pages.

– Which version of the sales letter is converting best?

– Which source of traffic is producing the most sales?

– Which offer do prospects find most appealing?

Smart marketers know the answers to these questions.

But there’s one page almost EVERY marketer ignores (even smart marketers) — even though this page can have a HUGE impact on the bottom line.

Can you guess which page I’m talking about?

I’m specifically referring to the sign-up page for your affiliate marketing program.

Why Should Affiliates Sign Up with You?

Most affiliate sign-up pages are fairly vanilla, usually written and published in a matter of minutes.

They may include a couple basic details — like the commission rate and methods of payment.

And probably a link or form to sign up.

But that’s it!

Not much else to persuade a potential affiliate to sign up and promote.

Small Improvements Can Pay Big Dividends

When it comes to attracting more affiliates into your program, you simply can’t afford to be bland or ordinary.

You need to lure in potential affiliates by being different… offering them better terms… and conveying your message better than your competitors.

Fortunately, the affiliate sign-up page is one place where small improvements can pay big dividends.

Imagine if you “land” just one super affiliate as a result of improving your affiliate sign-up page?

And what if that super affiliate goes on to promote your products on his web site and to his email list?

The sales numbers, I’m sure, would speak for themselves.

Finally, A Quick & Easy Way to Improve Your Affiliate Sign-Up Page

Of course, I realize that you may be busy… overwhelmed… and behind on your to-do list. So you may not have much time to improve your affiliate sign-up page.

That’s why I want to tell you about Paid On Time.

It’s the World’s First Trust Seal for Affiliate Marketing Programs.

In a nutshell, the Paid On Time Trust Seal certifies that you pay your affiliates on time, every time.

This is a big attraction for affiliates.

When you become a member, all you do is cut and paste a simple line of code onto your affiliate sign-up page.

And presto!

You’ll instantly have a trust seal that’s guaranteed to get the attention of potential affiliates… and… improve the conversion rate of your affiliate sign-up page.

Best part: For a limited time, you can join Paid On Time at a significant discount and start attracting more affiliates immediately.

-Ryan Healy


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