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3 Ways to Differentiate Your Affiliate Program

Author: Ryan Healy   |   July 13th, 2011

There are tens of thousands of affiliate programs all competing for a limited number of affiliates.

How do you attract the best affiliates you possibly can? Here are 3 different strategies for you to pursue. 

Provide Better Payouts

Affiliates are primarily motivated by money. They want to maximize the amount of money they make from the traffic they send to affiliate offers.

Look at what your competitors are offering to affiliates. Can you offer more? If your competitors are all offering 50% commissions, can you offer 51% or even 60%?

Or if your competitors’ offers are converting at an average of 1%, can you get your offer to convert at 1.2% — giving your affiliates a 20% increase in commissions over and above similar offers?

Provide Better Creative

Affiliates are just like you and me: They want to make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible.

You can capitalize on this by providing your affiliates with better ad creative and promotional material than your competitors.

Provide more banners… more pre-written promotional emails… more ideas for how they can easily generate commissions by promoting your products.

Provide Commission Payments on Time

This should go without saying — but it needs to be said: You should always pay your affiliates on time according to the terms of your affiliate marketing program.

Affiliates notice which programs pay on time and which ones don’t. In fact, there’s a Facebook group with over 1,000 members that is dedicated to exposing programs that don’t pay.

Those affiliate marketing programs that manage money well and pay affiliates on time are the ones that will succeed for the long-haul. Make sure you’re included in this group.

-Ryan Healy

P.S. One easy way to boost your credibility and attract more affiliates to promote your products is to get the Paid On Time trust seal for affiliate marketing programs.

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