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Are You On The Cutting Edge of Sales?

By Bob Oros   |   October 11, 2009

Why are most sales presentations based on the wrong thing?

Mainly because we are under the false assumption that to sell we have to find the needs of our customer and then work up a presentation that will demonstrate how we can help fill those needs. Here is the problem with finding needs; we are looking for Read More »

78% of Sales Are Lost Before You Make The Call!

By Bob Oros   |   September 25, 2009

Seventy-eight percent of all sales people fail because they lack what skill? When asking that question to a group of sales people the answers are all over the board. Closing usually comes out as number one, objections are number two, after that it’s a toss up between making presentations, getting people’s attention, follow up and asking questions.

The reason 78% of all sales people fail, or fail to reach their sales objective is due to Read More »