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Get Your Head Out of the Electronic Sand

By Bob Oros   |   March 27, 2010

I just met the future CEO, President or a guy that is going to be the most amazing manager, sales manager or customer service manager you will ever know!

This guy has restored my faith in the younger generation who are accused of not being able to communicate.  They are told they don’t know how to interact because all they do is text each other. Read More »

Forget About Being “Slick Willie”

By Bob Oros   |   March 13, 2010

Here’s a sample conversation that was sent to me by a real sales pro, Gene Wrasman.  Gene is going through my sales course and he offered these sales tips about how to avoid getting rejected.

Here’s Gene’s sales tips: As you introduce yourself to the prospect you can almost see the walls of protection go up.  Here’s how the conversation should go: Read More »

Is This a Tough Time to be a New Sales Rep?

By Bob Oros   |   February 27, 2010

Maybe not!  Maybe it’s the best time!

Just think of the freedom a brand new sales person would have!

What kind of freedom?

Freedom from all the old habits that are so hard to change.
Freedom from the “way we used to do it!” Read More »

How To Motivate a Discouraged Sales Team

By Bob Oros   |   February 13, 2010

Are your sales people ready for the coming year? Based on my personal observation as well as conversations with sales people from all over the country, the answer is no.  Most sales people are not ready for what’s ahead of them this year.  And for the most part, it’s not their fault.

What is the key to keeping your sales team motivated? Read More »

Your Path To a Record-Breaking Year

By Bob Oros   |   January 27, 2010

When Henry Ford asked his customers what they “needed” what do you think they said?  Here is the answer:

“A faster horse!”

If you’re asking your customers what they need what will they tell you?  “Cheaper prices!”

Henry Ford could see beyond the immediate obvious, look into the future and see a bigger picture.  And that is what you must do to have a record breaking year. Read More »

Will You Be 2010’s Biggest Loser?

By Bob Oros   |   January 13, 2010

With a year like 2009 behind us, how is it possible to predict what will happen in 2010?  If you are having a hard time trying to put together your 2010 sales plan, here is the reason and how to be 2010’s biggest winner.

Let me ask you a question.  Is selling an art or a science?  What do you think?

If you said it is a science, you would be wrong.  That doesn’t mean you can’t use scientific principles for your selling activities.  It means selling itself cannot be a science.  If you are trying to use scientific principles to predict your 2010 sales plan you will have a hard time.

Here’s why. Read More »

The Salty Dog Syndrome

By Bob Oros   |   December 27, 2009

There were about 45 sales people in the meeting and I was presenting them with one of my products, a hot dog.  It was not a new product but it was new to them.  After everyone was just about finished sampling the hot dog everyone seemed sold on the product.

Then, all of a sudden, someone said, “Man, these hot dogs are really salty!”  Pretty soon everyone agreed, they were salty.  I knew the salty hot dogs would never sell so I had to act fast. Read More »

Happy Holidays – You’re Fired!

By Bob Oros   |   December 13, 2009

Regarding the subject line, unfortunately it is true for some folks.  Not through any fault of their own, but because of this fact:

The overall company could not sell enough products and services at a high enough gross profit in a certain amount of time to pay all their expenses.

In other words, enough sales are not being made.

With that in mind, the whole sales team is fired and you are going to be re-interviewed for the job. Read More »

When Exposing Your Weaknesses Increases Sales

By Bob Oros   |   November 27, 2009

Research was conducted on the advertising of five products. They ran two ads – one said they were superior in all five products and another that claimed superiority in three of the five.

Which one do you think did better?  Read More »

How To Grab Your Prospects’ Attention In 10 Seconds

By Bob Oros   |   November 13, 2009

I was sitting at the airport and a young mother with a little girl sat across from me.  A few minutes later a middle aged woman sat next to the little girl and as soon as she settled in she asked the little girl, “how are you?”  “Fine,” the little girl said.  The woman then asked the little girl if she was going to ask how she was. The little girl said “I’m not interested.”

We may think that’s funny, however, that is exactly what we expect our customers to do.  Be interested. Read More »