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Your Path To a Record-Breaking Year

Author: Bob Oros   |   January 27th, 2010

When Henry Ford asked his customers what they “needed” what do you think they said?  Here is the answer:

“A faster horse!”

If you’re asking your customers what they need what will they tell you?  “Cheaper prices!”

Henry Ford could see beyond the immediate obvious, look into the future and see a bigger picture.  And that is what you must do to have a record breaking year.

Let’s go one step further. What do YOU need?  If your answer is more sales, more customers and more money, you are giving the same answer as a “A faster selling tipshorse!”  You are not looking at the bigger picture.  You are not looking beyond the immediate obvious.

What you REALLY NEED is to put tons of extra value in every product and service you offer.

And exactly how do you do that? By improving the level of service that is included with your price.  Because when all things are equal with your competitor (which is most of the time) the difference will be in the extra personal service you provide.

If you are not sure what good service is, here’s a small example.

My wife and I spent 2 years living full time in an RV traveling throughout North America. I became hooked on stopping at RV dealers and talking with sales people. Most of them talked about the features of their products and very seldom about my traveling experiences and future dreams.

They were simply tour guides pointing out the table and the stove.

However, every now and then I would come across a real pro who asked me questions about my future plans. What a treat it was to climb on the magic carpet and visit my future with someone who really understood how I felt. Then when it came time to make a purchase, the sales person didn’t have to sell me, they only had to help me buy.

Your customers feel the same way about something.  It is different for everyone, however, there is something in their future that really gets them excited.

For most small business owners, it is their business.  Everybody has an exciting story to tell and they really like to talk about it.  Be an interested listener and you can forget about trying to sell, you only have to help them buy.

To be different and really stand out PAY ATTENTION and watch the immediate difference it makes.

For example, out of the thousands of hotels I have stayed in only ONE noticed that my email address was also a website address.  The young man behind the counter greeted me and said “I see you are a motivational speaker.”  I was shocked that he took the time to visit my website.

People are so preoccupied with themselves they rarely take time to actually be interested in another person.

So what you really need is not a faster horse or cheaper prices.  You need to be MOTIVATED to improve your service to your customers by paying more attention to them.

And what could be newer and more welcome to your customers than a motivated, excited sales person delivering great service and actually being interested in their business.  It has been missing for the past several years.  Everyone has been taking their customers for granted.

Ho Hum! selling is dead and if your are still delivering it, you too will soon be dead.  Instead of saying I need more sales, more customers and more money, try saying I need to give more.  I need to give my customers an enthusiastic attitude of service, more appreciation, more attention and more action!

Try implementing those 4 principles for a while and you will get to your objective a lot faster, but it wont be with a faster horse.  It will be with a vehicle called service and value!

Forget all the hype about acting too busy to create the appearance of how important you are!  Here is the bottom line if you really want more sales:

“The best way you can show a customer you appreciate their business is with immediate and enthusiastic attention.”

– Bob

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