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How To Grab Your Prospects’ Attention In 10 Seconds

Author: Bob Oros   |   November 13th, 2009

I was sitting at the airport and a young mother with a little girl sat across from me.  A few minutes later a middle aged woman sat next to the little girl and as soon as she settled in she asked the little girl, “how are you?”  “Fine,” the little girl said.  The woman then asked the little girl if she was going to ask how she was. The little girl said “I’m not interested.”

We may think that’s funny, however, that is exactly what we expect our customers to do.  Be interested.

Direct selling and marketing is all about communications and getting your prospects to pay attention to you.  It’s about being able to cut through all the clutter in your prospects life, get them to stop what they are doing and listen to what YOU have to say.

The BEST way to get somebody to pay attention to you is to simply say something worthy of their attention and say it in the first 10 seconds.  How do you make sure you ARE saying something worthwhile?  Simple.  You say the things they need to hear.

You tell them how to solve their problems.  You empathize with all the frustration and pain they’ve been going through.  You recognize that what they’re dealing with isn’t fair.  You acknowledge that the best solution to their problem is what you have to offer and you tell them why.

You find out what their goals and objectives are and build your conversation in a way that demonstrates how your products and services can help them achieve what they want.

What are your customers thinking about? Just read the newspaper or a trade journal.

The high cost of gas (it’s creeping back up right now).  It is going to affect everything.

The high cost of corn.  Nearly 90% of everyone thinks it will have a huge impact on prices.

Just about everything your house is made of is going to cost more.  From the shingles on your roof (made from petroleum) to the plumbing in your basement (made from petroleum).  Meaning the replacement cost of a house is going to skyrocket. (A good time to own real estate).

Labor cost is going up.  Utilities are going up.  Operating costs are going up.


Why?  Because your customers need help. And that is what a sales consultant does.  Help their customer solve problems.  Without problems, there would be no opportunities.  And if there were no opportunities sales people would not be necessary.


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