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5 Ways To Avoid The Holiday Slowdown

By Charlie Cook   |   December 10, 2009

Is it too late? Is December typically a slow month for sales for your business? Should you just sit back and wait for 2010 so you can get a fresh start?

This weekend I was working on my Christmas list. I was trying to come up with a few things for the family Secret Santa gift exchange. And what I discovered was that there were a lot of things I’d just forgotten about or put off purchasing and that my wish list had a lot on it. Of course it was mostly gear for cycling, skiing or sailing.

Whether or not your prospects are part of a Secret Santa gift exchange, giving and getting is in the air. Along with the holiday season comes the expectation that we’ll all get what we want during the December holidays. Read More »

How To Find Hidden Profits In Your Small Business

By Charlie Cook   |   September 8, 2009

Want more clients and bigger profits?

Did you know that most smart business owners, despite working dawn to dusk could be making 2-4 times as much just by making a few simple changes to either their business model, their pricing strategies or their marketing? Read More »

Throwing Out Profits?

By Charlie Cook   |   August 27, 2009

lobsterEric, a friend of mine, grew up on an island off the coast of Maine.  His father ran the local inter-island ferry and Eric was always looking for ways to earn some cash and the influx of summer people in July and August provided the biggest opportunity.

The summer folks loved clambakes and Eric was regularly hired to help out and to Read More »