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Time Management

How to Flex Your Creative Mind

By Jeannine McGlade   |   April 8, 2010

When you want to get into shape, you exercise your muscles and change your diet.  You work your abs, arms, legs, shoulders, back and start eating healthier. When you do this consistently and often, you gain energy, feel better, and look better.  Your life and work flows better.  Your confidence increases.

When you want new, fresh and inspiring ideas to help grow your business, bank account or relationships, you must Read More »

Hitting the Wall – Time Management Tips

By Jeffrey Mayer   |   March 30, 2010

Have you ever known someone who never seemed to get his work done on time? Was always late with everything. And no matter how many hours he put in, nothing was ever done right…  the first time.

He was trying very hard to do his job, but spent so much time apologizing for not getting work, tasks, and projects done on time that it became an embarrassment. Read More »

5 Steps To Slaying Your Nasty Jobs

By Eric Garner   |   November 3, 2009

What’s the nastiest nasty job lying around your office, you know those jobs that we know we have to do but just keep putting off?

If you’re anything like me, it’s likely to be a piece of paper with the words, “Tax Return” written on it. Read More »

Monday: The Most Important Day Of The Week

By Jeffrey Mayer   |   October 31, 2009

I was working with Shelly, one of my success sales coaching clients, and she asked me “What should I be doing so that I can start the week off with a bang?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She explained that each week her Read More »

What’s The Number One Small Business Marketing Mistake

By Charlie Cook   |   March 9, 2007

What’s the biggest barrier to small business growth? Is it your small business marketing or something else?

Yesterday I made a couple of phone calls to virtual assistants about a joint venture business idea of mine. Each week I get emails from small business owners needing help with their web site copywriting, web site design website marketing, managing their ezine, email broadcasts, providing customer suppport, making sales calls and a host of other tasks.

I’m not set up to outsource all these small business marketing tasks but obviously there is a huge demand and with 30,000 + small business owners on my list I get lots of requests. My idea was simply this: I was thinking of setting up a joint venture with a virtual assistant firm that could handle a ton of business and do all the above tasks.

So what happened when I called a couple of smart virtual assistants I know?

I asked them about their goals and this is where we ran into a stumbling block. The virtual assistants I talked to were thinking of growing their businesses to $60-70,000 per year in revenue. I was thinking instead of helping them build a six hundred thousand to six million dollar a year business.

Set your goals to low and you’ll never be truly successful. Obviously you aren’t going to make millions the first day in with your business but to make it you need to think big, make big plans and then get the help you need to reach them.

Are you goals too small? Are they limiting your success?
You can change this in an instant.

– Charlie Cook
Small Business Marketing That Results In Big Profits

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