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16 Essential Link Building Tools For Generating Web Traffic

By Charlie Cook   |   November 29, 2010

So, you’ve invested the time into getting a great site built and have fully implemented your SEO plan, but you’re not done yet. Link Building is just as important to your site as… Read More »

10 Ways To Get More Web Traffic Today

By Charlie Cook   |   November 9, 2010

… tonight at midnight the price to get instant access to Unlimited Web Traffic – ten calls, ten transcripts and the exclusive Guide to Unlimited Web Traffic – goes up.

And I don’t want you to have to pay the higher price I’ll be charging the public. Read More »

How To Pay Less For Web Traffic…

By Charlie Cook   |   November 8, 2010

Today you have a choice.

Last week I interviewed eleven of the world’s top web traffic experts to show you exactly how to flood your site with qualified prospects so you can make more money this year.

In case you missed one or more of the calls, you can still get access to the ten mp3s of the calls, transcripts and the exclusive Unlimited Web Traffic Guide and save yourself $100… Read More »

Content Is King – SEO Tips & Strategies

By Jason Lomberg   |   September 6, 2010

If you want your website to rank high on major search engines such as Google, your best shot is to develop a list of targeted keywords and then build specific webpages with content focusing on these keywords.  SEO tip: it is done best before the webpage is built; first you develop the seo strategy then implement by developing a targeted webpage focused on your targeted keywords.

Step 1 – Keyword Research
Develop a targeted keyword list.  Once you develop your targeted keyword list you need to Read More »

How to Utilize Your Website’s Title Tags

By Jason Lomberg   |   August 20, 2010

When optimizing your small business website for high search engine rankings, targeted search engines such as Google and Bing, the first step is writing keyword driven title tags.  The title tag is the title on the top left of your browser window.

Search engines put a lot of weight on these titles when ranking your website.  Many small business websites utilize the company name or the name of that Webpage as the page title which is typically a mistake if you want to rank that Webpage for targeted keyword phrases. Read More »

Advanced SEO Strategies – Keyword Driven URL Structure

By Jason Lomberg   |   August 6, 2010

It is an enormous advantage to develop your search engine optimization strategy before the development of your Website.  Best practices are to do your keyword research then develop your Website based on these results.

Each Webpage should have its own SEO strategy based on targeted keyword phrases.  Your  competitive advantage is in developing  your URL structure to match the keyword strategy for that page.

URL structure strategy includes three parts: Read More »

What’s the Value in Your Website’s Sitemap to Search Engines

By Debbie Campbell   |   July 25, 2010

Sitemaps can be helpful both for your human visitors and for search engine optimization (SEO) – the art and science of improving the visibility of a website in search engine listings. Learn about sitemaps and how they can help your business website get noticed.

What is a sitemap?

There are two kinds of sitemaps – Read More »

SEO Strategies For Your Small Business Website

By Jason Lomberg   |   July 20, 2010

Don’t you wish you could be on page 1 of Google? I’m going to discuss seo tips to enhance your organic search and get you moved up in the rankings.

Natural Search Engine Optimization

Natural search engine optimization is using on-site and off-site techniques to get naturally ranked high on Google or other search engines for targeted keyword phrases.  As a small business targeting a local area it is too costly and time consuming to rank for general terms without targeting the location. Read More »

How to Optimize Your Website For Local Search

By Jason Lomberg   |   July 6, 2010

Chances are as a small business or an entrepreneur the products or services that you offer are targeted to a local area.  When this is the case it is very important to develop your search engine optimization strategy with a plan to attract localized searches.

If you are a pizza shop in Philadelphia it makes logical sense to target searches of people looking for a pizza shop in Philadelphia or if you’re a lawyer in New York it is logical to target searches looking for a lawyer in New York and not someone looking for a lawyer in California. Read More »

How to Retain Your Search Engine Rankings

By Jason Lomberg   |   June 20, 2010

Now that you have grabbed some high level rankings for some of your targeted keywords for your Website the challenge is now to retain these rankings. In general, most search terms people are searching for become competitive because your competition will want to rank for the keyword phrases that are most searched and relevant.

The question becomes: what steps can you take to help guarantee that you do not lose your rankings over time? Read More »