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The Lazy Way to Write an Article

Author: Troy White   |   September 7th, 2009

Ever sit at your computer screen to write an article or blog post when it hits you. You got nothing! No ideas. No brilliant  copy to help prospects get to know you or see that you’re the go-to expert.

What do you do? How do you get past that blank computer screen?

Here are some simple ideas on things you can write about.

First, get a pad of paper and a pen (it definitely works best pen to paper, vs. a computer).  Put it at your side, and now write down everything that comes to you when you read the following:

–       Unique human interest stories from your employees, your customers and your suppliers. Write about new births, pets, hobbies, or trends in the news. Make others feel and be a significant part of your newsletter.

–       Write ups on your clients’ successes with your products and services (follow the case study format: what their life was like before using you, how they found you, how they selected you, their experiences using you, and the end results they attained)

–       Interesting trends that your target market would be interested in (business trends, people trends, aging trends, spending trends

–       Strange facts or history – does not need to be related to your business or industry – people will love this section as it keeps them entertained and looking for more

–       A full page ad for one of your products or services – can be used to test ads as well so have 1 regular ad and 1 test ad running in same newsletter

–       Endorse others (preferably clients) who run their own business

–       Staff Memo – have your staff “write” the newsletter and/or promotions

–       Calendar – upcoming events – special days or promotions

–       Jokes (keep them clean)

–       Cartoons are always a hit.  Get funny cartoons custom made for you.

–       Pick on a common enemy (taxes, government, media, reality shows, whatever you find your customers commonly complain about)

–       Book reviews

–       Product reviews

–       Tips for use

–       Advanced tips for use

–       27 Creative Ways To Use ( ___ your product or service ___)

This is the exact system I use in conjunction with the above ideas to punch through writers block and get back on track for consistent content that makes money.

–       I wrote.

–       I wrote when I had inspiration.

–       When I had a stupid idea.

–       When I had a brilliant idea.

–       I wrote when I didn’t feel like it.

–       And when I did.

–       I had to shake it through massive action.

–       I tried on a computer.

–       I tried pen to paper.

–       At night.

–       And in the morning.

Finally it started to come back and flow like it should.  But it wasn’t easy.

It really is that simple to fix.

Don’t get me wrong: it may not be easy at all, but you just have to find a way through it.  And MASSIVE ACTION is the best and only way I know of to keep moving forward.

So get busy… the path is there… find it and follow it… doing what you need to do along the way.

No matter if you are blocked or not, go through these ideas and I guarantee you will walk away with 10 new article or blog post ideas in 10 minutes or less.

All if takes is for you to take action.

Get your pad of paper, a pen, and this list.  And create at lease 10 new article ideas in the next 10 minutes. Then in the next week, write the actual article from the ideas you started.

You get that kind of production happening and writers block will be gone for a long time!


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One Response to “The Lazy Way to Write an Article”

  1. Dena: Philadelphia Copywriter Says:

    Great handful of ideas. Generally, I hit a dry patch on a weekly basis and I try to just get moving and spill ideas out onto a piece of paper. If nothing comes, then I change things up, head to the library, chat up some friends, anything to clear my mind and give me a different perspective.


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